Healthy fats for mind and body

We all need fat. As a nutrient, it contains more than twice the energy of protein and carbohydrates. Fats are vital for the body, providing an essential fuel source for growth and cell building, and in particular, dietary fats which maintain an important supply of fatty acids and other vital components.

Low-fat products are in decline while demand for fat-rich products such as whole milk and butter grows

The image of fats is improving, losing its association with weight gain. Nowadays, it is seen as nourishment for the brain and body as well as a source of indulgence. While low-carb and keto diets are driving the influx of fats to the dinner table, it is important to note the benefits of quality fats from natural sources.

It is important to note the benefits of quality fats from natural sources.

Strategies for fats include highlighting its advantages and utilizing its application in fat-positive diets such as low carb and keto in weight wellness. Key topics include the functionality of fats in foods, for example texture, mouthfeel, structure, moisture content and taste, in addition to the amount, quality and source of fats used. Today, there are fewer reasons to reduce the fat content in food as it is closely related to consumption trends of more protein and less sugar and carbs.

There is ample scientific evidence showing the health benefits of phospholipids

Phospholipids are complex lipids that play important structural and functional roles in our brain and nervous system. Clinical studies and trials show that phospholipid supplementation helps to decrease the effects of stress and ageing.

Modern trends reshape consumer preferences in the food industry

The growing health and wellness trend opens the possibility for new product innovations and business for food and beverage manufacturers.

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