Food trends now and in the near future

We closely map trends and develop solutions, ingredients and products that meet demands faced by the modern food industry. As an innovation leader, we provide market insights as well as innovative research and development to ensure future success and best business opportunities for our customers.

We can proudly say that our nutritional innovations provide solutions for global health trends. Through clever thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, we turn milk and our know-how into great tasting, sustainably produced food and drink solutions.

Holistic health & wellbeing

Healthy lifestyle is about eating naturally functional food that have positive effects on you and your health and wellbeing. Read more about holistic health and wellbeing and learn how to leverage these issues for success in your food production business.

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Ethical living

An increasing number of people want to deliver a message by choosing an organic product or by avoiding plastic packaging. People are more and more aware of the consequences of their actions. They want to have options for avoiding food waste, supporting local producers, eating seasonal vegetables and so on, while knowing the origins of the product and being able to recycle the package. For us ethical issues are of great importance, and that can be a benefit for our clients too.


Sometimes, a mobile lifestyle makes healthy eating challenging. Daily routines become easier with healthy and nutritious take-away snacks or grab-and-go bites that contain less fats and sugar. What our kids eat is an important issue to and ever-increasing number of parents and giving them solutions that work can take convenience to the next level.

Regaining trust

Consumers are more aware than ever of what goes into their food and favour transparency and simplicity in processed food. Free-from claims and clear labeling are no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. Small brands and small-scale production are seen as more appealing for their ability to offer transparency. Valio is the perfect partner to gain your customers trust.

Alternatives for everyone

People crave variety, and strive to try meat-free, wheat-free or gluten-free food – for a large number of reasons. Food choices are being driven by health leading people to do more and more food exploring. Eating is an individual choice: what suits you doesn’t have to suit your friends. This offers great possibilities for food manufacturers to come up with new types of products. Let’s look at your product portfolio and think of new lactose free or less sugar products.

Naturally Functional

Naturally functional overlaps with most other trends and it is still the strongest foundation for success. It is itself more of a theme. Naturally functional basically means that the health claim is already part of the product or ingredient: if something contains berries, it is more healthy, if protein is naturally present it is better than if it is added.

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