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Many ice cream manufacturers are looking for solutions to reduce sugar but are concerned with the downgrading effects lower amounts may have to the sensory properties. Valio is now introducing a valuable alternative for ice-cream manufacturers who want to produce reduced-sugar dairy products.

Today’s trend in sugar consumption

One of the most notable trends in recent years is the shift in attitudes towards sugar. Consumers are becoming more aware of the sugar content of the products they consume, to the extent where it is the most common nutritional fact weighed-in before any food purchase. The World Health Organization validates this view, recommending that children as well as adults limit their sugar consumption to a maximum of 10% of their total energy intake.

Ice cream, though a delectable treat and Sunday favourite is no exception and faces similar consideration. At the same time, consumers are sensitive to quality factors such as taste and texture, as well as the use of artificial additions. Products are expected to have the same enjoyable flavour with sugar reduced in a natural way.

Natural sugar reduction with smooth texture

Total sugar content in dairy products is the sum of added sugar and milk sugar i.e., lactose. Sugar reduction becomes challenging as sugar affects the flavour, mouthfeel, texture, colour and viscosity of its products. Many ice cream manufacturers are looking for solutions to reduce sugar but are concerned with the downgrading effects lower amounts may have to the sensory properties. With this challenge in mind, we have researched and tested various applications that offer sugar reduction possibilities yet maintain ice cream’s exceptional taste and texture properties.

Our solution is based on expertise and process understanding of milk components, especially lactose. Applications entail replacing standard milk powder in the recipe with Valio Eila® milk powders. This substitution offers the possibility of the end product containing up to 30 percent less sugar, with equal sweetness or to enhanced sweet taste and less added sugar. Additionally, Valio Eila® powders significantly enable smaller ice crystals size compared to products made with standard SMP, resulting in ice creams that maintain a silkier and smoother texture.

Nutritional improvements can be made while optimising processes and maximizing taste and mouthfeel

Explore opportunities for your product range

Ice cream with reduced sugar levels provide a range of preferred choices for the needs of health-conscious consumers. As a manufacturer you can offer smarter options by combining reduced sugar products with other benefits, such as lactose free or protein enrichment addons. Presenting to the consumer ‘better-for-you’ choices yield more opportunities for the ice cream industry to increase market penetration and access untapped consumer segments. Healthier options offer greater enjoyment with less guilt and more indulgent taste and texture. It’s just that simple.

Ice cream Benefit Machine

Are you looking for new solutions for your ice cream? Less sugar, more protein or flavor enhancement? Let us help you to make the right choice. Test our Benefit Machine to find out the best dairy ingredients for your needs.

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Sugar reduction

• Reduction of total sugar level up to -30% sugar as Valio Eila® powders contain less carbohydrate than standard SMP

• Rich and smooth texture with Valio Eila® powders; no sandiness as non-lactose crystals are present

• Sugar reduction with Valio Eila® MPC or Valio Eila® PRO SMP

Less added sugar or enhanced sweetness

• Possibility to reduce added sugar by at least 20 percent without compromise in taste

• Sweetness can be significantly enhanced without increase in added sugar level

• Less added sugar or enhanced sweetness with Valio Eila® SWEET


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Our label-friendly solutions allow you to create delicious premium ice cream with enhanced texture and taste. In addition, the solution allows desirable nutrition benefits like less sugar, lactose free, and high protein using our label-friendly ingredients. Download ice cream leaflet to learn more.

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