Valio PROfeel® protein pudding chosen as the “best protein product” in Spain by Men’s Health España

Valio PROfeel® protein pudding won Men’s Health España’s 2021 Healthy Foods award for “best protein product” in Spain. Valio PROfeel® puddings have played an important part of the brand’s success story in Spain.

“This is a fantastic recognition of our hard and persistent work to build a new category in a new market. The award also serves as a great indication of the excellent quality and taste of Valio’s protein products, as well as the success of our concept. Valio has considerable experience in value-added product development. Our products are available nationwide in Spain in more than 4,400 stores,” says Sales Manager Anette Almi, who has been working for Valio Spain since the start.

Valio’s product line in Spain consists of six Valio PROfeel® products

In 2021, we saw a significant growth in sales of protein puddings thanks to the extension of our distribution. Indeed, Valio has become one of the major operators in creating protein product shelves for retail chains.

“The Men’s Health awards feels even better when we know that it was achieved through cooperation between Finland and Spain and a strong belief in success, even during the hardest of times.”

“In Spain, the protein product market is growing quickly. Fortunately, this year Valio is introducing new products to accelerate that growth and keep our consumers interested,” Anette sums up.

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  • High-protein pudding
  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • 18 g protein per serving
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High-protein snacks support a healthy lifestyle
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