What makes lactose free and digestive wellness a hot topic?

What is lactose intolerance and what does it mean for food and beverage manufacturers? In this video our Senior Research Scientist Tuula Tuure, PhD explains the potential business opportunities of digestive wellness with special focus on lactose free products.

An important cornerstone for a healthy diet is variety. In free from diets, dairy products are often omitted without a suitable substitute to bring in valuable nutrients. Lactose free products contain all the benefits of milk such as calcium, high-quality milk protein and natural vitamins and minerals.

Video Topics:

  • Digestive health is among the most sought-after health benefits
  • Free from trends
  • What is lactose and lactose intolerance?
  • What causes lactose intolerance?
  • How common is lactose intolerance globally?
  • Valuable nutrients in milk and dairy products
  • Clinical study results on lactose free milk

Watch the video to find out more!

Lactose free solutions
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Digestive health is a globally growing trend
Customer cases
Success story: how to create great tasting lactose free milk, easily
Lactose free plays key role in digestive wellness trend with high growth opportunities

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