Value-adding ingredients, recipes and processes for the bakery industry

Consumers are increasingly aware of E codes and food additives. They demand naturally produced and nutritious bakery products that still taste delicious. At the same time, the health and wellness trend and sugar taxes challenge the food industry to reduce sugar, sodium and fat. Valio’s natural ingredients and patented technologies enable sugar reduction without artificial sweeteners and the production of lactose free or gluten-free, gut-friendly bakery products, all with high nutritional values.

Our experienced staff can help you with dosage, recipes and processes to improve the nautritional values as well as profitability of your pastry and bakery products.

Let’s bake nutritiously and sustainably together!

Solutions for industrial and traditional bakeries

Butter in bakery business - only the best is good enough

Butter is a natural product that is used in pastries in many different ways. Butter affects the texture of foods and the fluffiness and crispiness of pastries when it is creamed. Above all, butter makes food delicious. Find the best recipes and products for better baked goods.

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Natural industrial ingredients for food manufacturers

Best for professional baking – real Valio butter

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Valio supplies pure and natural dairy ingredients
Consumers want to reduce sugar in food products

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