Consumers want indulgence and naturality from baked goods. You can deliver that with the help of Valio’s transparently produced ingredients.

When consumers look at the label of a food product, they need to see recognisable ingredients instead of E numbers. With real and authentic ingredients, you can manufacture baked goods that are deemed better quality, healthier, more trustworthy, and more sustainable by consumers.

The goodness of real, natural butter cannot be substituted in professional baking. Valio butter made from fresh Finnish cream maintains its high quality throughout the year, so that you can achieve the best possible taste, texture, and processability in industrial baked goods.

Consumer trends of health and wellbeing as well as snackification are major business opportunities for industrial bakeries. Avoidance diets like gluten-free and lactose free are gaining popularity. Also, bakery products need to meet the requirements of mainstream consumers who look for products with better nutrition, clean label, or characteristics supporting sustainability.

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Superior taste with real butter

Valio butter performs optimally in bakery applications.

The health and wellness trend remains a major driver in the bakery business in 2020 and beyond. However, even consumers with health goals continue to seek out products that they associate with indulgence. To address these consumer needs, bakery professionals need ingredients that carry healthy connotations and contribute to great taste and texture.

The goodness of real, natural butter cannot be substituted in industrial baking. No plant-based oil or margarine gives pastries and other baked goods the taste and texture that butter does. Sweet or savoury. Leafy or crumbly. Rich or delicate. Whatever you are baking, Valio butter gives your products an inimitable fresh taste of butter, a fantastic structure and a delicious golden-brown appearance. Premium Valio butter does it naturally with no E numbers and additives.

In industrial baking, the product and process determine what is required of good butter. In puff pastry and other laminated doughs, butter needs to have plasticity for flaky and light texture. In shortbread, the taste of the butter and the crumbly texture play a significant role. At Valio, we have long experience in manufacturing butter that performs optimally in each bakery application.

Valio produces high-quality Finnish butter – including our lactose free variety –  for bakery industry professionals who appreciate its plasticity, consistency, and superior taste. The key ingredient in Valio butter is fresh Finnish cream fully traceable to the farm of origin. Valio butter is lactic, which gives it a naturally long shelf life without the need for added preservatives or freezing.

Benefits of high-quality butter
Learn how Valio butter can increase your business with consistent quality and word-class expertise.
Unique taste, texture and naturality – bake your way to success with premium Valio butter

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Clean label bakery solutions

Tap into the wellness trend with value-added products.

The health and wellness trend means that consumers are increasingly aware of what they are eating. They pay close attention to product formulation and ingredient labeling on bakery products. Still, they want their food to be delicious and a joy to eat.

Consumers look for products that they deem to be safe and high in nutritional value, avoiding E numbers and artificial additives. By producing clean label baked goods, you can reassure consumers that only real and authentic ingredients were used in the formulation.

Valio’s pure dairy ingredients offer alternative ways to improve stability, texture, taste, volume and nutritional value of bakery products. With our innovations and recipe expertise, you can produce clean label pastries, breads, cakes, and other baked goods that have a great taste, superior texture, and irresistible appearance.

With our innovations, you can:

  1. Replace emulsifiers, thickening agents and hydrocolloids with clean label alternatives
  2. Achieve natural labeling and an ingredient list free from E numbers
  3. Create stable texture with a soft mouthfeel
  4. Produce rich and succulent taste
  5. Prolong the shelf life of your products
  6. Improve the brown baked color of industrially baked goods
  7. and much more

Valio Mineval™ is an innovative milk powder delivering natural clean label solutions to solve typical food industry challenges. This unique dairy innovation enhances heat stability, extends product shelf life, prevents water separation, improves texture, replaces additives, and has a positive taste profile in different food applications.

Premium Valio butter and Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders are high-quality ingredients with nothing artificial added in them. They are manufactured from fresh and pure Finnish milk. The use of genetically modified GMO feed is not permitted* in Valio. The milk is also free of antibiotics residue.

*ref Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003

Unique innovation for clean label baking
New food trends offer commercial benefits for bakeries
Unique taste, texture and naturality – bake your way to success with premium Valio butter

Gluten-free bakery products

No more compromising on taste, texture, or nutrition.

Go gluten-free without compromising on important product qualities. Valio's high quality milk-based ingredients help you overcome the traditional challenges of gluten-free bakery. With our products and expertise, you can produce delicious, nutritious, and natural baked goods free from gluten.

Gluten-free baked goods often suffer from poor taste, appearance, and texture as well as low nutritional value. Our high-quality dairy ingredients and proven bakery industry solutions enable gut-friendly, gluten-free bakery products that look, taste, and feel delicious, while having good nutritional values.

Improved and natural taste

  • Only milk components
  • No E numbers or artificial additives

Enhanced texture and prolonged shelf life

  • Good water binding properties
  • Retain soft and moist texture

Improved nutritional values

  • Increased protein level
  • Reduced carbohydrate level
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Baked goods and digestive comfort

Expand your bakery business with lactose free products.

Awareness of food’s effect on digestive health is rapidly increasing. As a result, there is a wide consumer base that avoids certain foods or ingredients for health and wellness reasons. These consumers might not be diagnosed with lactose intolerance but still want to avoid lactose to enhance digestive comfort.

Most of the world’s adult population have lost their ability to digest lactose, or milk sugar. Lactose intolerance touches the lives of billions of people, and the increasing awareness of the condition is generating a booming market around it.

With Valio lactose free dairy ingredients and expertise, you can create bakery products that are easy-to-digest and gut-friendly but still carry all the good properties that dairy ingredients have to offer. You can expand your portfolio with products that enable lactose avoiders to enjoy their favorite baked goods without compromising on digestive wellness, taste, or nutrition.

Features of Valio Eila® lactose free butter:

  1. consistent high quality throughout the year
  2. no additives or E numbers
  3. even consistency, high plasticity, long shelf life
  4. ideal for rolled dough applications
  5. gives end products a great taste and flaky texture

Features of Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders:

  1. high mineral concentration of calcium improves digestion by contributing to the normal function of digestive enzymes
  2. ideal source of natural nutrients
  3. less than 0.1% of lactose
Find our wide selection of lactose free solutions
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Lactose free plays key role in digestive wellness trend with high growth opportunities
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Valio cheeses are made of the best natural ingredients and dedication to flavour and quality.

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Fruit preparations

The manufacture of fruit and berry fillings, marmalades and jams takes place at Valio’s large, specialised facility at Suonenjoki, Finland.

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Milk powders

Valio has long experience in manufacturing milk powders, always using responsibly sourced milk from our own dairy farmers in Finland.

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