Natural colour enhancement for industrially baked products

Valio’s food solutions help you achieve that perfect golden-brown colour that is an essential part of industrially baked pastries, cakes, breads and other bakery products that are irresistible to customers.

Baked products that look, feel and taste delicious

Colour gives baked products a delicate, crispy and finished look, making them appealing for the consumer. Speed up your baking process and achieve a tantalizing colour with our baking solutions. Contact our Valio food solutions team for recipes, dosage and baking advice.

  • Improved golden-brown baked colour — hydrolysed lactose is more sensitive to browning than sucrose or lactose.
  • Enjoy improved crispy and golden-brown crust.
  • Achieve cost efficiency with 10-20% reduced baking time.

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Excellent ingredients for natural colour enhancement in the bakery industry:

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