Lactose free milk powders

Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders open new opportunities for the food industry. Confectionery, ice cream, dairy, bakery, ready meal and other industries that rely on dairy ingredients benefit from Valio’s unique expertise and wide portfolio to create new lactose free products and open new markets.

Globally over 70% of population suffer from lactose intolerance. For this wide target group lactose free products offer possibility to enjoy dairy based products without unpleasant symptoms.

Valio has a wide range of high-quality lactose free ingredients with lactose content less than 0.1% and in a reconstituted milk drink under 0.01%:

Products made with Valio Eila® lactose free ingredients provide benefits of digestive comfort with good nutritional values. In addition, Valio food solution offer applications for additional benefits like sugar reduction or protein enrichment.

Valio Eila® PRO lactose free milk powders are manufactured from fresh Finnish milk using Valio’s patented technology for an unchanged milk mineral composition, significantly higher protein level and lower carbohydrate level than standard milk powders. These unique characteristics of Valio Eila PRO ingredients enable lactose free products with the natural taste of milk, and potentials in protein enrichment and natural sugar reduction.

The patented Valio FAST TRACK™ technology solution for lactose free milk is an easy way to start producing lactose free milk.

The product range includes instant quality with excellent dissolving properties and three different fat varieties; skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk. Valio Eila® PRO lactose free SMP was launched 2007 and selected for the Trends and Innovations Observatory during the SIAL 2008 exhibition in Paris.

Valio Eila® SWEET lactose free milk powders are manufactured from fresh Finnish milk, from which lactose is enzymatically hydrolysed. Sweeter taste enables sugar reduction or enhanced sweetness without increasing the total carbohydrate level. The product range includes two fat varieties; skimmed and whole milk.

The use of genetically modified GMO feed is not permitted* in Valio. Milk is also antibiotics residue free. Our commitment to quality carries through our entire quality chain, and we conform to international standards in all our operations.

*ref Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003

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