Sugar reduction for professional bakeries

Health-conscious consumers are looking for reduced sugar or low carbohydrate products without artificial sweeteners. Valio’s high quality ingredients can help you achieve that without compromising on taste and texture.

Bake a better choice – low in sugar, no artificial sweeteners

Our high quality, natural ingredients and proven bakery industry solutions enable sugar reduction without the use of artificial sweeteners. You can reduce sugar in your industrially baked products without compromising on soft and moist texture or good shelf life.

  • Replace sugar with Valio Eila® lactose free milk powder.
  • Get golden-brown baked color in bakery products — hydrolyzed lactose is more sensitive to browning than sucrose or lactose.
  • More sales time with better ‘best before’ dates: bakery products stay fresh longer and have good water binding properties.

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Consumers want to reduce sugar in food products
Sugar reduction

Top-quality ingredients for sugar reduction in the bakery industry:

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