Webinar: Clean label bakery with pure Nordic butter and dairy ingredients

Bake your way to success with clean label baked goods

In this free on-demand webinar, Valio bakery experts fill you in on how to grow your bakery business with clean label baked goods. You get the latest insight into optimizing quality, processes, and products to match consumer trends.

Watch the recording and incorporate these benefits into your bakery business:

  • CLEAN LABEL: Choose Valio butter for your bakery applications and attract the large number of consumers who appreciate naturality and sustainability of food and clean label products.
  • OPTIMISED QUALITY: Consistent quality of Valio butter throughout the year and reliable deliveries guarantee smooth processes.
  • TASTE AND TEXTURE: Premium quality croissants, biscuits, and puff pastry require premium quality raw materials.
  • NUTRITION OPTIMISATION: Expand your range with delicious better-for-you baked goods and improved nutritional value.
Valio Butter for better baked goods
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Valio solutions for bakery professionals – delicious taste to high quality needs

Bake your way to success

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