Opportunities for your ice cream product range

With our specialty milk powders, we can help ice cream manufacturers develop different taste profiles and more indulgent ice cream full of all the wellness-boosting natural goodness consumers desire.

By using our sustainably produced ingredients, your consumers will enjoy healthier options with less guilt and a more indulgent taste. As a manufacturer, you can offer smarter options by combining reduced sugar products with other benefits, such as lactose free or protein enrichment.


Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders allow you to optimize ice cream scoopability. In addition to this, lactose free milk powders also prevent lactose crystallisation and ensure a pleasant mouthfeel.

Market opportunities

Better-for-you ice cream products can expand your market reach by appealing to previously untapped consumer segments. Nutritional improvements can also be made while optimising processes and maximizing taste and mouthfeel.

Label-friendly solutions

Keep your ingredient lists short and simple. You can achieve reduced sugar, increased protein, enhanced flavour, digestive wellness, and much more while enabling a natural ingredient declaration without additional E numbers or other additives.


Ice Cream Benefit Machine

Our ice cream solutions allow you to reduce sugar without artificial additives, and so much more. Use our Benefit Machine to find the best ingredients for your needs.

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Our label-friendly solutions allow you to create delicious premium ice cream with enhanced texture and taste. In addition, the solution allows desirable nutrition benefits like less sugar, lactose free, and high protein using our label-friendly ingredients. Download ice cream leaflet to learn more.

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Balancing Indulgence and Health: Secrets to Successful Ice Cream Development

Valio’s milk powders are the secrets behind successful ice cream development, the secret sauce which makes possible the perfect, creamy balance between pleasure and health.

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Sugar reduction innovation

Many ice cream manufacturers are looking for solutions to reduce sugar but are concerned with the downgrading effects lower amounts may have to the sensory properties. Valio is now introducing a valuable alternative for ice cream manufacturers who want to produce reduced-sugar dairy products.

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Customer case: What made Valio Eila® powders the obvious choice?

To meet the increasing demand for healthier, low-lactose ice cream without sacrificing taste and texture, a leading dairy company chose Valio Eila® specialty milk powders to reduce the lactose content and increase the protein level in its premium ice cream.

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