Proven Valio technology for lactose free production

The digestive wellness trend is propelling change in the dairy industry.

Now you can boost your milk business with Valio lactose free technology – a solution that makes it possible to launch milk products with superior taste, nutritional benefits and free from lactose without heavy upfront investments. In addition to producing these lactose free consumer dairy products and lactose free milk ingredients Valio also offers technology licensing for the production of superior tasting lactose free milk.

  • What is Valio FAST TRACK™ technology solution?

    Senior Vice President Harri Kallionen explains the main features of the patented Valio FAST TRACK™ solution.

Benefits of Valio FAST TRACK™

Valio FAST TRACK™ technology – added value to dairy milk business without heavy upfront capital investment

Valio Eila® lactose free technology was first applied in 2001 to produce the world’s first truly lactose free milk drink. It contains less than 0.01% lactose yet tastes exactly like regular milk. The product hit its first-year sales target in just two months.

In order to start producing lactose free milk, you can either license the full technology for higher milk volumes or go for Valio FAST TRACK™, a technology solution that offers an easy start without high capital investment. The licensing agreement package gives licensees access to the patented production technology, analytical methods and complete current expertise related to the production of excellent tasting lactose free milks. In addition, Valio supports licensees by sharing its go-to-market knowledge and marketing communications experience. This model is already in use in several different markets globally with proven efficiency.

The growing lactose free market offers opportunities from price premium to developing products with concrete consumer benefits linked to digestive wellness. By licensing the patented Valio FAST TRACK™ technology solution it is easy to start the production of lactose free milk: fresh, ESL and UHT products. This special technology enables food manufacturers to launch lactose free milk without immediate capital investment – it truly lives up to its name! All of this is achieved without manufacturers having to compromise on the authentic fresh taste or nutritional value of regular milk.

Customer case: Crediton Dairy, UK

"Valio’s lactose free milk technology allowed us to enter the fast growing lactose free milk market quickly and without significant capital investment." Tim Smiddy, Managing Director of Crediton Dairy

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Taste it and believe it – Request a free sample

Click below and request a sample of our lactose free milk made with Valio FAST TRACK™ technology. Note: If you are a consumer, please contact your local dairy company for lactose free milk alternatives.


What is boosting the lactose free market and how dairies can do business with it?

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Webinars & Whitepapers

Let us share the latest food industry and market insights. Through these recordings you’ll hear about the business opportunities Valio FAST TRACK™ offers.

Valio webinar: rapid growth for the lactose free market

Harri Kallioinen, SVP at Valio R&D, hosted a webinar on the growth of the lactose free market and how you can benefit from it. Watch the recording and learn how you can enter the market without heavy upfront capital investments.

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Digestive wellness trend in dairy and beverages

Consumers are looking for food choices that enhance digestive wellness and still taste great. This webinar is a jump start into the digestive wellness market for food manufacturers.

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Be inspired by our lactose free info package!

Download the info package for useful information about lactose free solutions and ideas on how to expand your product range to meet the demand. We wish you a happy reading!

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Guide to capitalizing on the digestive wellness trend with lactose free products

There is a growing demand for digestive wellness products and lactose free can be the answer. This guide gives you tips on how to create new business and improve profitability with lactose free dairy.

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With the largest range of lactose free products in the world, Valio empowers its partners to create a competitive lactose free portfolio made possible by Valio technology. Our team was created specifically to work closely with partners worldwide to provide a winning solution that’s tailored to their specific needs. While some of our customers simply order ready products, our team also has the expertise to guide and assist with every step of technology licensing to produce 100% tasty lactose free milk.

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