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Lactose free solutions for industrial food and dairy manufacturers

Whether lactose intolerant or just looking for digestive wellness, people all over the world want to eat natural and delicious foods that don’t cause digestive symptoms. However, consumers feel there is not a lot to choose from in terms of products or brands. With Valio Eila® lactose free solutions, you can expand your product range by adding lactose free products that taste just as good or better than regular products.

With Valio, you get all you need to succeed in the lactose free market. The consistent quality and natural ingredients of Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders, butter and cream offer a great starting point for manufacturing lactose free food. Our experienced solution team can help you with recipes and processes to start your production. We can also support you in your go-to-market phase.

Valio Eila ® lactose free solutions – everything you need to make a successful lactose free or low lactose products

World-class lactose free dairy solutions and technology

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    Dennis van der Veer

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    Technology sales, Dairy

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