Ingredients for lactose free dessert manufacturers

Lactose free desserts enable expanding business potential to people afraid of dairy-based desserts causing stomach discomfort. With Valio’s lactose free premium ingredients, dessert manufacturers can produce indulgence products that are desirable for everyone.

Premium ingredient supplier for dessert manufacturing businesses

People want to indulge themselves without the fear of stomach discomfort. Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders are ideal for lactose free dessert applications. They give pudding, panna cotta, vanilla sauce and other desserts a delicious and rich, slightly toffee-like taste. They also provide a creamy and smooth texture and good foaming properties.

Properties and benefits of the Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders in industrial dessert manufacturing processes:

  • Option of different flavor profiles
    • Natural fresh taste of milk
    • Intensive taste of caramel
  • Good foaming properties
    • Similar foaming properties to egg
  • Easy to handle in process
    • Fast caramelization time
  • Option to reduce dosage
    • 25% lower for Valio Eila® PRO SMP
    • 5% lower for Valio Eila® PRO WMP
  • Option to increase protein level in desserts

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