Ingredients for lactose free ready meal manufacturers

Lack of time is a major consumer trend in food, but people still desire nutritious and healthy food. With Valio’s functional ingredients and patented food solutions you can answer consumer market needs of excellent taste and texture for ready meal products.

Ingredients and patented food solutions boost ready meal and meat applications

Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders boost ready meal and meat applications with excellent rich taste and texture. This makes your food products desirable and suitable for larger consumer market share.

Make your ready meal and meat products gut-friendly and nutritious. Below are some of the features gained with Valio’s functional ingredients and patented food solutions:

  • Excellent, rich taste
  • Good texture without syneresis
    • Proteins improve water binding
  • Improved nutritional value of meat products
    • High milk protein level
    • Natural milk minerals
  • Lower dosage due to high protein content
    • 20-25% smaller dosage than standard milk powders
  • Especially good boiling properties and creamy taste with Valio Eila® lactose free high fat whole milk powder (WMP)

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Business opportunities for industrial food and dairy manufacturers

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