Sugar reduction in industrial food manufacturing

Valio has developed solutions to reduce sugar in dairy products, chocolate and confectionery, ice cream and bakery goods.

Sugar is increasingly overtaking fat and salt as a primary consumer concern when buying food. Sugar reduction is thus a growing trend. However, the wellness trend also emphasises naturality and clean label. Manufacturers can meet these consumer requirements by developing better-for-you products that are both functional and natural.

Sugar reduction is a big trend

Avoiding sugar is a clear trend. Consumers are increasingly conscious of sugar level in products and sugar is the most common nutrition fact that people look at on packages when buying food.

Consumers want to avoid sugar but not with compromise in taste or other quality properties. Many consumers prefer products that have less sugar, but in natural way rather than with artificial sweeteners and new product launches with natural combined to sugar reduction are growing significantly. For example, snacks or bakery products are used in many occasions of the day and sugar level in them is relevant for the end consumer. With reduced sugar levels these products offer enjoyment and energy with better conscious and better-for-you choices for the whole family.

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Valio Bettersweet™ for better products

Valio Bettersweet™ is a service solution that enables natural sugar reduction in any milk chocolate product. Without touching chocolate’s taste or texture. Not. One. Single. Bit.

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Webinars, podcast and downloadables on sugar reduction

Check our free materials to in depth analysis how sugar reduction offers new business opportunities. You’ll learn how to make successful new product launches that will increase you business.

Reduce sugar in chocolate with milk-based protein

Implementation of sugar taxes and the ongoing health and wellness trends have created a hot market for new and innovative products. Watch the latest insights on the use of milk-based protein in sugar reduction from the free webinar video.

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Podcast: Research proves milk-based protein a great way to reduce sugar in chocolate without artificial sweeteners

Milk-based protein is a gut-friendly* option for reducing sugar in chocolate with no artificial sweeteners. In Valio’s study, the milk mineral and protein ratio proved critical in achieving the best possible consistency in ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate. Valio’s Senior Research Scientist Terhi Aaltonen (PhD) tells us more about these findings and how you can use them in your confectionery business.

*Contains calcium, which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes as a part of healthy diet

Valio sugar reduction

In these videos our experts share their market insights on reduced sugar solutions and most recent customer insights. Learn how manufacturers canmeet these consumer requirements by developing better-for-you products that are both functional and natural.

  • Sugar reduction solutions in chocolate industry - what kind of discussion is going on in the market?

  • Trends - why is sugar reduction in chocolate a hot topic right now?

  • What makes Valio's sugar reduction solution so interesting and good?

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