Reduce sugar in chocolate

Make ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate without artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives

With our solution, you can reduce sugar in your chocolate applications. Make delicious ’30% less sugar’ with excellent taste and texture.

Sugar is the no 1 nutritional baddie for consumers

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to reduce their sugar intake, also with indulgence products such as chocolate. In their search for healthier options, they are not willing to compromise on taste or texture. They also want their products to be clean label, meaning that artificial sweeteners are not a viable option for sugar reduction in chocolate. With Valio’s innovative ingredients, you can reduce sugar without E numbers. You get rich, creamy and nutritious milk chocolate, with no sacrifices in taste or texture.

3 reasons to reduce sugar in chocolate with Valio’s solution

Less sugar, clean label, and natural – that is what consumers are looking for in their chocolate. Learn how you can make chocolate with 30% less sugar, no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives needed. Our tested solution replaces sugar by protein, making the chocolate more nutritious. The end product has a delicious, rich taste and creamy texture.

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Valio webinar: Reduce sugar in chocolate with milk-based protein

Implementation of sugar taxes and the ongoing health and wellness trends have created a hot market for new and innovative products. Watch the latest insights on the use of milk-based protein in sugar reduction from the free webinar video.

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Valio helps a Finnish chocolate manufacturer Brunberg make special diet chocolate

In addition to sugar reduction, Valio also has other solutions for chocolate manufacturers to help them meet the needs of consumers. Brunberg introduced a lactose free milk chocolate made with Valio Eila® lactose free milk powder. Its sales skyrocketed in 2012, which goes to show that there is a clear customer demand for special diet chocolate.

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Valio sugar reduction

Find the business potential of sugar reduction in confectionary and learn how to benefit from it. Watch the videos and let our experts share their market insights on reduced sugar solutions.

  • Sugar reduction solutions in chocolate industry - what kind of discussion is going on in the market?

  • Trends - why is sugar reduction in chocolate a hot topic right now?

  • What makes Valio's sugar reduction solution so interesting and good?

Sugar reduction is a global food trend

Consumers are constantly looking for products to help them reduce their sugar intake.

Sugar reduction is a big part of the megatrends of health and wellbeing

Sugar is increasingly overtaking fat and salt as a primary consumer concern when buying food. Sugar reduction is thus a growing trend. However, the wellness trend also emphasises naturality and clean label. Manufacturers can meet these consumer requirements by developing better-for-you products that are both functional and natural.

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Create new products with Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders

Valio has unique expertise and a wide portfolio to help food manufacturers create new products and open new markets. Valio Eila® lactose free dairy ingredients enable the production of lactose free foods, ’less sugar’ products, and high-protein products, for instance. Choose from three different fat varieties; skimmed, semi-skimmed, and whole milk.

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Make your chocolate meet the trends of high protein and digestive wellness

Valio’s patented technology and pure dairy ingredients offer chocolate manufacturers the opportunity to create reduced sugar and increased protein confectionery products to meet the current consumer trends. Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders also enable the production of easy-to digest lactose free chocolate.

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Consumer trends provide new business opportunities for food manufacturers

Reduced sugar products are just one of the endless business opportunities that global consumer trends provide. We at Valio closely map trends and develop solutions, ingredients, and products that meet the demands faced by the modern food industry. Read more about global consumer trends and how Valio can help you make the best of them.

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