Fruit preparations

Valio manufactures high quality fruit preparation solutions to meet the needs of the food industry.

Valio manufactures high quality fruit preparations to meet the needs of the food industry. Decades of production experience have enabled Valio to develop a versatile range of ingredients for dairy, bakery and other industrial customers.

The manufacture of fruit and berry fillings, marmalades and jams takes place at Valio’s large, specialised facility at Suonenjoki, in the heart of Finland’s berry farming region. Valio is Finland's largest buyer of berries and the leading supplier of these ingredients to Finnish bakeries.

Valio manufactures over 500 different products at the Suonenjoki plant – with a vast array of flavours. A total of more than 16 million kilos of fruit preparations are produced annually for the food industry.

Valio’s success in this market is built on many years of industrial expertise and process improvement. Valio has been able to develop high quality products ideal for baking, in addition to fruit and berry preparations used by the dairy industry to flavour yoghurts and other dairy products.

Tailored and traceable high quality fruit preparations

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