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Ismo Nikkola appointed member of Valio’s Executive Board with responsibility for brand and marketing, as well as sustainability, communications and public affairs

Ismo Nikkola

Ismo Nikkola (MSc Econ) has been appointed a member of Valio’s Executive Board as of 1 April 2023 with responsibility for brand and marketing, as well as sustainability, communications and public affairs. He reports to CEO Annikka Hurme.

Ismo Nikkola started in his role as Valio’s Senior Vice President, Global Brand and Marketing, on 1 June 2022. He has 25 years of solid experience in building international brands and creating brand and marketing strategies. He has spent nearly half of his career in the food industry and the other half in marketing agencies.

“Valio is an iconic brand that has been a frontrunner and trendsetter since 1905. Brand, reputation and responsibility are important for the company’s success today and will continue to be so in the future. We are building Valio’s brand and reputation as a responsible company every day, through every encounter with Valio people and through our products. We want to build our reputation for the long term and to reach the stakeholders important to us at the right places. Bringing Valio’s stakeholder communications together under the new Executive Board responsibility enables us to do this more effectively,” says Valio CEO Annikka Hurme.

“The roles of marketing and brand traditionally haven’t been viewed as engines of growth for companies in Finland. But for a brand-based business like Valio, they are absolutely cornerstones of growth. The holistic building of the Valio brand, reaching the right target groups and active social dialogue are key for us remaining relevant also in the future. Systematic and comprehensive brand-building is like earning interest on interest; it further strengthens the brand and helps the company to be resilient in a changing world. The new responsibility area gives us even better opportunities to build a responsible Valio brand in our everyday work,” says Ismo Nikkola.

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