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Join Valio at digital event Fi Connect 2020: showcases about Healthy ageing, Lactose free opportunities, Milk fat and infant nutrition

Together we make life better

The current health trend means that consumers are looking for foods that support an active and healthy lifestyle. They want to enjoy eating and are reluctant to compromise on the taste, texture, or naturality of food. At the new digital event Fi Connect 2020 in November, Valio will host three Exhibitor Showcases related to Healthy Ageing, Lactose free opportunities in dairy business, and What’s new in milk fat and infant nutrition.

People are increasingly aware of the importance of health and wellbeing, and how food and good nutrition plays an important role in everyday life. As the world becomes more complex, consumers are re-evaluating where they place their trust. They are looking for products and producers that are genuine, honest, and transparent in all actions. And factors such as sustainability, food safety, traceability and purity of raw materials are more important than ever.

Timo Pajari, SVP, Food Solutions Sales, said: “We have also just launched Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+, our milk protein powder blend for ageing nutrition, in Europe, Asia and the USA. The world is ageing, and older adults want to stay active and energetic, maintain their mental health, and enjoy the taste of food. In fact, their quality of life depends on it. As a result, ageing adults are willing to invest in food products that support these objectives. This is a great opportunity for the food industry.”

Sugar reduction without artificial sweeteners

Sugar is increasingly overtaking fat and salt as a primary consumer concern, especially as high sugar consumption is blamed for rising obesity rates and is linked to many health issues. Consumers are actively looking for reduced sugar options in categories like dairy, ice-cream, bakery, confectionery or chocolate.

Protein is still the new black

Protein hits the sweet spot of many global food trends, it has a clear link to health and wellness as well as naturality. Protein is no longer a niche market of workout enthusiasts, but an important part of a normal, healthy lifestyle, and has a lot of potential in snacks and indulgence products.

Lactose free potential

Around 70 percent of the world’s population suffers from lactose intolerance. The awareness of digestive wellness and lactose intolerance is increasing all over the world, and people are looking for ways to adjust their diet. This means that there is a rapidly growing demand for healthy and great tasting lactose-free products in categories still underdeveloped in lactose free, such as ice-cream, milk chocolate, bakery, or special nutrition.

Indulgent experience

Valio also offers butter especially for industrial customers. Valio butter is used by bakeries, the processed food industry, ice cream makers, and dairies. Butter made from Finnish high-quality milk can be tasted in croissants baked by some of the leading French bakeries.

Tailored solutions from fully integrated process

“While demand is fragmented, Valio is well equipped to offer tailored, or one-fit, solutions that enable our customers to respond to profitable growth opportunities and maintain production efficiency. Our investment in the Valio Lapinlahti factory offers new dry blend and packaging possibilities (IMF grade) also on a short timeline,” Pajari continues.

Come and see how Valio’s pioneering dairy ingredients and solutions can improve your business.

During the virtual event, Valio will host three Exhibitor Showcases (available also on demand):

23 November 12.30 (CET) – How to create nutritional solutions for Healthy Ageing

24 November 11.30 (CET) – Value adding Lactose free opportunities in dairy business 

25 November 11.30 (CET) – What’s new in milk fat and infant nutrition

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