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McDonald’s restaurants in Finland now serve drip coffee with Valio Oddlygood® oat drink as an option

Customers at McDonald’s restaurants in Finland may now choose to use Valio Oddlygood® oat drink in their drip coffee. Oddlygood® oat drinks are available nationwide at all McDonald's restaurants in Finland.

– Our customers have been requesting an oat drink as an alternative to milk, and it’s great that we can respond to its rising popularity by bringing it to the selection of our products. We continue to develop our product selection and want to provide a variety of choices while keeping our customers’ wishes and needs in mind, says Marketing Director for McDonald’s Finland, Mats Nyström.

– Our oat drink is made in Finland from Finnish oats with no additives. The oat drink is made of fully plant-based ingredients – and it contains no dairy, which makes it suitable to vegans and those with milk allergies. We are very happy for the interest towards our Oddlygood® products, and it’s great to see Valio Oddlygood® oat drinks at all McDonald’s restaurants in Finland,  says Valio SVP Niko Vuorenmaa.

McDonald’s customers will also continue to be able to choose to use Valio’s lactose-free milk in their coffee, which is also used to make specialty coffee drinks. Coffee is also served with Fairtrade organic sugar.

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