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Move over tofu, Valio MiFU® is the new tasty meat alternative

MiFU innovation final

Supporting the rise of flexitarianism with a new meat substitute made from nutritious milk protein

World leading dairy innovator, Valio, is set to revolutionize everyday cooking with Valio MiFU®, a delicious, healthy alternative to meat, made from milk protein.

Valio will exhibit Valio MiFU® at SIAL Paris – the world’s largest food innovation exhibition – where it has been selected by the Consumer Goods Committee for the SIAL Innovation selection.

Valio MiFU® is a protein made from pure, high quality Finnish milk, and it has already launched in Finland and Sweden. Valio MiFU® appeals to vegetarians and flexitarians, and meets the demand of the rapidly-growing consumer trend to eat less meat.

Vegetarian diets are predicted to increase in popularity by over 30% in the near future* so Valio has developed Valio MiFU® to provide a healthy solution for this growing group of flexitarians, so that people can eat better and, in turn, feel better.                                                                                                      

Valio MiFU® is free from lactose, gluten and egg. It is made of the rich, high quality protein found in milk, which has the highest nutritional quality of all protein sources. It is also low in in sugar and salt, with naturally occurring calcium, B12 and zinc.

Valio MiFU® is extremely versatile and lends itself to many products from strips that look, taste and have a texture similar to chicken, or mince that can be used as an alternative to meat and make meal times even more tasty and convenient, supporting flexible lifestyles.

Pia Järvinen, Business Manager, at Valio, said: “At Valio we constantly pioneering the next food trends. We identified a gap in the market for real food products that vegetarians and flexitarians could enjoy as alternatives to meat. We are proud to have pioneered a wholesome product that is rich in protein, which satisfies consumer demand and supports people who wish to reduce their meat intake.”

Valio, which is Finnish for “outstanding in quality” created Valio MiFU® in line with its promise of purity, safety and quality, using fresh milk sourced only from Valio’s own dairy farmers, which ensures full traceability from farm to end products.


*Suomi syö 2017 study (A Finnish study called Finland Eats 2017)

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