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Three Valio innovations chosen amongst world’s best at SIAL Paris food innovation exhibition

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An international jury consisting of food industry professionals has hand-picked three Valio innovations amongst the world’s best at food innovation exhibition SIAL. The chosen products are: Valio MiFU® meat-free milk protein strips, Valio Eila® lactose free unsalted butter 25 kg, and Valio Oddlygood® oat-based yogurt alternatives. The SIAL Innovation Selection boasts the most interesting food innovations of the previous year. Competing products are chosen amongst hundreds of applicants and represent all corners of the world.

Products from pure Finnish milk for wellbeing and everyday life

Valio’s mission ”together we make life better” is portrayed well in the products shortlisted by the jury. In its products, Valio uses pure, high-quality Finnish milk that is free from antibiotics. Valio’s innovative products offer natural and healthy alternatives for both consumers, food industry and institutional kitchens alike. With its innovations, Valio aims to enhance the wellbeing of people and bring easy solutions to everyday life.

In recent years, Valio has introduced many food innovations to Finnish and Swedish grocery stores, including the Valio MiFU® products and the vegan Valio Oddlygood® oat-based yogurt alternatives shortlisted in the SIAL Innovation Selection. Now Valio wants to showcase these products to the international audience as well.

The shortlisted Valio products

Valio MiFU® meat-free milk protein strips

Valio MiFU® – a Finnish food innovation made from milk – can be used as an alternative in recipes that call for meat or chicken. Valio MiFU® is an innovative way to use milk as a substitute for meat, and since it has been manufactured from high quality milk protein, vegetarians and flexitarians can easily get their daily dose of protein and vitamins from it.

“Quite a lot is demanded from even a simple home-cooked dish: it should be healthy, quick to prepare, and tasty for the whole family. People get tired of making the same meals and are looking for variety. We had these issues in mind when we set out to develop Mifu. Valio MiFU® products inspire people to try something new,” says Business Manager Pia Järvinen.

Valio Eila® lactose free unsalted butter 25 kg

Valio Eila® butter is an all-natural product with great taste and absolutely no additives, and it’s always produced from fresh Finnish high-quality cream. Bakery industry professionals appreciate its plasticity, consistency and superior taste. Valio Eila® butter is suitable even for those with the highest sensitivity to lactose intolerance.

“Valio’s customers and consumers around the world appreciate not only the outstanding taste of Valio butter, but also the fact that it is made from pure, high-quality Finnish milk. Our butter-making craftsmanship spans more than a century, and all Valio butter is made by the professionals at the Seinäjoki dairy from milk that comes from Valio dairy farms,” says Senior Vice President Annamari Lammi.

Valio Oddlygood® oat-based yogurt alternatives

Valio Oddlygood™ gurts are a spoonable, yogurt-style snack made from Finnish oats and are available in a wide range of popular flavours and different sizes of packaging. The gurts combine a creamy consistency with soft, natural flavours.

“We wanted to complement our plant-based product range with a new product family that is both amazingly flavourful and extremely filling. Studies show that consumers want a wider range of good-tasting and local product options in the selection of plant-based products. The products are non-dairy, so they also make a good option for vegans and milk allergic persons,” says Valio’s Business Manager Anne Arponen.

SIAL Paris, the world’s biggest food innovation exhibition, is organized 21-25 October in Paris.

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