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Valio responds to global food trends with innovative food ingredient solutions supporting healthy ageing

Experience Valio at Vitafoods Europe from 7 to 9 May stand F 190 Active older adults are foodies with enormous business potential. Healthy ageing is a clear objective for seniors and their families, but the needs and motives guiding their food choices and preferences are diversified. Responding to the growing trend and demand for health and wellness, Valio will exhibit Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder for ageing nutrition at Vitafoods Europe.

The world is ageing. The percentage of people over 60 is increasing on every continent. While this is a global challenge on society, it also presents a major opportunity for innovation. As good nutrition has a scientifically proven link to healthy ageing, the expanding elderly population and their wellbeing provides great potential for the food industry.

Consumers view health and wellness as a holistic, proactive and ongoing pursuit. They are willing to prepare for a longer, healthier lifespan. This consumer segment wants to invest in healthy ageing. With the right innovations supporting healthy ageing with nutrition, the food industry can make their products desirable for ageing adults, just as the beauty and personal care industry has done.

Finnish dairy innovations help the food industry to address the trend of healthy ageing

The world’s most innovative dairy company, Valio, will showcase the latest developments in its tailormade food ingredient solutions at Vitafoods Europe, where the food industry strives for optimal health through science and innovation.

“In our solutions the bone, digestion and muscle well-being are combined in unique way enabling our customers to develop the most wanted products. At Vitafoods Europe, our innovative offering of value-added powders will be on show to demonstrate how Valio responds to the growing demand for ageing people. This market segment is seen globally as one of the growth areas and we are here responding to the needs of our customers. With Nobel prize winning innovation culture, we help customers meet the market demand of healthy and tasty food, as well as the business objectives of the modern food industry”, says Timo Pajari, SVP, Food Solutions Sales at Valio

As a leading Finnish food company offering pure natural dairy ingredients for the food and nutrition industry, Valio serves customers globally with solutions to all age groups from babies to elderly people. Valio solutions, expertise and ingredients can be used in various applications.

“Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder fulfills the key needs of older adults. In addition to containing essential nutrients, it also gives a full taste and texture, helping Valio’s customers to formulate their products. It works in several applications, like milk powders, special nutrition drinks, dairy drinks, nutritious food and dietary products”, says Minja Miettinen, Senior Research Manager, PhD, Research and Innovations at Valio.

“Currently, more than 100 Valio scientists and experts are working on milk as raw material, as a source of premium ingredients. Our R&D together with our nutrition expertise can help customers to come up with innovative solutions”, Minja Miettinen states. 

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