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Valio showcases latest innovative dairy solutions at Food Ingredients China 2018

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From dairy ingredients to functional ingredients and award-winning butter, Valio is ready to take the next steps forward in the Chinese market after 30 years of well-recognized experience.

Valio is showcasing its varied range of dairy products and ingredients at 2018 Food Ingredients China, which takes place March 22–24 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Booth 51Y00/51Z01, Entrance of Hall 5.1) in Shanghai.

FIC, as one of the most influential tradeshows for the food and beverage industry in China, has attracted more than 1,400 exhibitors worldwide and is expecting thousands of visitors from all over the world. Valio has brought a comprehensive product portfolio to FIC this year, including its dairy ingredients, functional ingredients, and premium butter. In addition, Valio will present its leading innovations and latest products and solutions in a workshop on Day 2, March 23, 10:00 – 12:00.

“We are pleased to join the FIC in China for another year,” said Xiao Lu, Managing Director of Valio Asia Pacific. “We have over one hundred years of experience in this industry, with a proven track record of international innovation. For over 30 years, we have had the privileged opportunity to provide our high-quality dairy products and ingredients to Chinese customers. This profound cooperation has given us an in-depth insight and understanding of both the Chinese dairy market and the local customers. We are committed and well-positioned to continue providing increased value to the growing demand of high-quality dairy products and customized solutions here in China.”

With changes in Chinese consumption patterns consumption upgrades picking up the pace since 2017, there has been increasing demand for high-quality goods and services, with a focus on healthier and more environmental-friendly living, according to Credit Suisse Research Institute’s 7th Emerging Consumer Survey. Valio is well-positioned for these new trends in China.

Valio has a profound company legacy that has been built over a century, which goes hand-in-hand with the history of the Finnish nation. Valio’s long traditions of innovation and excellence have brought various significant milestones that have changed the dairy industry ever since, such as Eila® Lactose Free Solutions, Demi™ demineralized whey powders, Valio instant skimmed milk powder, and so on. Its top quality milk production also builds on Valio taking responsibility for a combined series of measures that, together, promise the best.

The inventor of lactose free milk

As the world’s leading expert in lactose free dairy, Valio invented lactose free milk and was the first in the world to launch it in 2001, made with its unique, patented technology. Valio developed a complete range of lactose free products with no compromise on flavor or texture. Today, Valio is bringing select products from its globally largest lactose free portfolio to Chinese consumers, which taste great, are of high quality, and filled with natural goodness that has roots in the pure Finnish nature.

Valio is also proud to present to the Chinese gourmets with its world-class butter. Recently, on March 8, Valio’s unsalted butter has won the ”Best of Class” award at the World Championship Cheese Contest 2018. The winning attributes were superior flavour and consistent premium quality.

 “Valio’s customers appreciate not only the outstanding taste of Valio butter, but also the fact that it is made from pure, high-quality Finnish milk. It is definitely one of our star products that we are proudly bringing to the Chinese customers,” said Mr. Xiao.

Valio to open new office in Shanghai

In the B-to-B market, Valio also brings its expertise to China’s most fragile but precious group of people – babies, from infants to toddlers, with its wide range of varied options from high quality, fully traceable ingredients to blends and base powders that fulfill specific customer needs, all the way to consumer-packaged infant and toddler formulas.

 “We value and attach great importance to the Chinese market. We are ready and excited to extend our footprint steadily in China this year with the startup of the new Asia Pacific Office in Shanghai. This will be the beginning of a new Valio China journey and a great milestone for us to carry on our brand promises to the customer worldwide,” said Mr. Xiao.

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