Sustainable milk production & circular economy

We know the environmental impacts of milk production, and it is our responsibility to actively reduce them. Milk producers, and agriculture, can be part of the solution to climate change. We intend to cut milk’s carbon footprint in Finland to zero by 2035. While it is a highly ambitious goal it is reachable through collaboration between Valio and its dairy farms, agriculture, energy business companies and research institutes.

Towards carbon-neutral milk

What does carbon-neutral milk mean?

Same amount of emissions is reduced and removed from the atmosphere as is generated on the farms, in transportation, at the plants and in package manufacturing.

3 routes to the goal

  • 1. We bind more carbon dioxide into grass fields than now

  • 2. We use manure to produce biogas, which is a replacement for fossil fuels

  • 3. We reduce emissions from organic soil

Finnish cows don’t eat soy

The environmental impact is also reduced in Finland thanks to 85 % of our beef being produced from the same animal as the milk. That is why our emissions per kilo of milk and beef are smaller compared to countries that have separate meat and milk production.

Sustainable milk production

One step closer: grass seed mix that improves carbon-binding

In reaching for carbon-neutral milk production, Valio has developed the first grass seed mixes to improve carbon binding, suited for grass cultivation throughout Finland. The Valio CARBO® grass seed mix is also profilic, resistant and improves biodiversity.

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Valio’s sustainability report 2018

Read the whole report and get a deeper understanding of our work on sustainability.

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