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Raw material policy: Cocoa


Raw material policy: Cocoa

Valio’s use of cocoa

Situation as of 03/2021Target/progress (updated on 5.3.2024)
Cocoa is used in several of Valio’s consumer and B2B products, as well as in Valio’s contract manufactured products. The main raw material contained in these products is typically milk, so the amount of cocoa used per product is small.

Valio’s production plants in Finland use several cocoa raw materials to produce cocoa-flavoured drinks, smoothies, puddings, and ice creams. The cocoa raw materials are highly processed for the specific needs of the products, so their supply chain is long.

Valio’s production plant in Estonia use cocoa raw material to flavour quark, pudding, spreads, and processed cheese.

-> All the raw material in use is sourced from approved suppliers, but the raw material is not certified.
Convert the cocoa raw materials** used to certified ones and acquire supply chain certifications for Valio’s manufacturing plants.

The Rainforest Alliance certificate granted to Valio allows us to manufacture Rainforest Alliance-certified products from certified cocoa raw materials at our plants in Jyväskylä, Suonenjoki, Turenki and Seinäjoki.

The share of certified products in Finland is 59 %.

**For each raw material, a corresponding, existing certified raw material must be found. Converting the raw material requires a product-specific raw material conversion project in which the suitability of the new raw material for the product is verified, and the raw material conversion is implemented in a controlled manner.

The chart is updated once a year.