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Raw material policy: Coffee


Raw material policy: Coffee

Situation as of 04/ 2022Target/progress (updated 11.4.2023)
Coffee is used in a few of Valio’s consumer products. The main raw ingredient in products is typically milk, so the volume of coffee used in products is small. The main raw material contained in these products is typically milk, so the amount of coffee used per product is small. The coffee raw materials are highly processed for the specific needs of the products, so their supply chain is long.

-> All the raw material in use is sourced from approved suppliers, but the raw material is not certified.
Convert the coffee raw materials** used to certified ones and acquire supply chain certifications for Valio’s manufacturing plants.

Identified certification options for coffee raw materials in Finland, and changed them to be certified accordingly.

Rainforest Alliance certification of supply chain acquired for three production plants. Work started to advance product and packaging changes.