Supplier management

Valio purchases various raw materials, supplies and services from partner companies in Finland and globally. We want to ensure safe and high-quality products, so we have to know the suppliers we are purchasing from. We ensure the responsibility of our supply chain through Valio’s supplier management process.

A commitment to responsible business creates the foundation for cooperation

Valio’s suppliers must commit to Valio’s Supplier and Distributor Code of Conduct.

Additionally, the suppliers who supply food- or food safety-related products or services to Valio must commit to compliance with the related requirements and guidelines.

Requirements for transportation and warehouses:

Approval procedures depend on the product or service to be delivered

The management measures targeting suppliers are based on the classification of suppliers in terms of food safety and responsibility. Suppliers must meet the requirements of the product and supplier surveys defined for their own supplier category as well as the audit requirements in an acceptable manner.

We use supplier surveys to map current ways of operating and operational performance

The supplier survey could include different types of questionnaires, like a basic supplier information questionnaire, a food safety questionnaire and a responsibility questionnaire. Additionally, we require a product information questionnaire from raw material suppliers.

We use audits to verify ways of operating in practice

Our own audits are focused on ensuring food safety and quality; in addition, we utilise globally recognised responsibility audits (Smeta, BSCI).

Sedex membership

Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) is a non-profit organisation that helps its members to promote responsible supply chains. Valio is a Sedex AB member, and we encourage our raw material producers, particularly in risk countries, to become members of the Sedex organisation. We use the Sedex risk assessment tools to monitor supplier responsibility assessments and audits. AB membership means that we use Sedex to assess suppliers and to disseminate responsibility information to customers.

Amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)

Valio joined amfori BSCIcand amfori BEPI in 2022. We aim to use our membership to strengthen the verification of supply chain responsibility. More information about the organisation.

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