The best taste without lactose

The best taste without lactose

Premium Finnish milk with 100 % taste, 0 % lactose

Sensitive stomach and milk

Do you feel abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating or rumbling after consuming milk? You might suffer from lactose intolerance, one of the most common reasons why some people have problems enjoying dairy products. Valio was the first company in the world to resolve this with its revolutionary and unique lactose free technology.

What is lactose intolerance?

Lactose intolerance is a condition in which unabsorbed lactose causes digestive problems, such as diarrhoea, flatulence and bloating. These symptoms can vary greatly between individuals – and even in the same person between meals. The symptoms disappear when lactose is decreased or completely eliminated from the diet.

Lactose intolerance is a hereditary characteristic that usually develops during the growth. It can also be caused by diseases that destroy the intestinal mucosa. In this secondary type of lactose intolerance, when the intestinal mucosa heals, the ability to produce lactase is returned.

”Lactose intolerance is a hereditary characteristic.”

Watch Dr. Matti Harju explain what lactose intolerance is.

Lactose breakdown process

The normal lactose breakdown process
The lactase enzyme produced by body breaks lactose down into galactose and glucose. → Galactose and glucose are absorbed into the blood circulation.
Incomplete lactose break down process
When the lactase enzyme is lacking or produced only in small quantities:
- The unabsorbed lactose stays in the bowel.
- Lactose binds water and increases formation of gas, causing diarrhoea and flatulence.

How common is it?

Lactase enzyme deficiency is most commonly a hereditary characteristic. In many populations, lactase deficiency is a prevalent characteristic. Only in populations where people are accustomed to drinking milk have the majority maintained a tolerance to lactose.

How common is lactose intolerance in the World?

Prevalence of hypolactasia as a percentage of the adult population

Valio is the world’s leading expert in lactose free dairy.
Valio is a true pioneer in lactose free products. With over 110 years of experience, we launched the world’s first lactose free milk in 2001 and have been able to create even more tasty, easy to digest lactose products. Now, you won’t need to make a compromise between taste and wellbeing again!