Brands for consumers

Valio Gefilus®

Build your inner strength. It all begins with the gut!

Valio Valsa®

Full taste, less salt.

Valio Premium butter

Butter at its finest.

Valio lactose-free

The best taste - without lactose.
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Solutions for the food industry

Valio Eila® Lactose-Free

Valio Eila® lactose-free milk powders open up new opportunities for the food industry.

Baby Food

From basic base powders to ready infant formulas.

Food ingredients

Fully traceable, safe and fresh, GMO-free ingredients including tailor made powders.

Special nutrition

A wide range of products for high quality special nutrition.
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We are farmer-owned

Valio is a co-operative owned by Finnish family farmers who are devoted to their work and proud of the pure, high-quality milk they produce.
Find out more about what we’re working on at Valio. With our expertise, you will be able to listen to consumer needs that will create value for you.

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