Introducing Valio Mineval™ — the new clean label milk powder for baking

Valio Mineval™ is an all-new functional milk powder designed to help bakers naturally improve the stability, taste, texture, and nutritional value of their new enticing baked goods, bound to delight their customers.

Consumers look for products that offer them safety, tastiness and nutritional value while allowing them to avoid E numbers and artificial additives. Clean label baked goods bring reassurance that only real and authentic ingredients were used in formulation. Valio Mineval™ milk powder is a specialised functional powder that provides customers with a tool to create their own value-added clean label products. It is a natural way to improve the stability, texture, taste, and nutritional value of food products.

The clean label solution

Valio Mineval™ is the natural milk powder product that acts as a protein stabilizer, emulsifier, thickening agent and flavour booster. It is a 100% milk powder that meets essential requirements in food manufacturing, while enabling a natural ingredient declaration with none of the traditional E number additives. It is labelled simply as a natural milk product and is also GMO-free. This makes it easier for bakeries to convert standard products into clean label in a straightforward fashion and, thereby, gain access to what has become a crucial sector in the food business. Using Valio Mineval™ boosts a product’s natural milk content and makes it possible to remove additives, enhancing the clean product profile.

Valio Mineval™ milk powder enhances heat stability, extends product shelf life, prevents water separation, improves texture, replaces additives, and has a positive taste profile in different food applications.

Increase the volume of finished baked goods

Valio Mineval™ functions as a natural hydrocolloid in bakery products. While baked products made with additives have big volume as well as good and stable texture, additive-free products often have poor taste and appearance as well as limited shelf life. “Our application research has shown that Valio Mineval™ improves the volume of ready-baked products (fig.1.). Similar results have been seen in bread and croissant applications”, explains development manager Terhi Aaltonen.

Figure 1. Volumes of breads made without and with Valio Mineval™. Specific volume increased significantly when Valio Mineval™ was added.

Extended shelf life

“Textural changes during storage tend to limit the shelf life of bakery products. We have found out that Valio Mineval™ stabilizes the texture of bakery products during storage. The texture is softer for longer than bakery products made without additives (Fig.2.)”, says Terhi Aaltonen.

Figure 2. Hardness of control breads and breads made with Valio Mineval™ in 1 day and 4 days old breads. Valio Mineval™ improved texture by softening it.

Improved nutritional benefits

Valio Mineval™ is a natural ingredient containing all the wholesome components of milk. By using Valio Mineval™ in clean label bakery you have an opportunity to improve the nutritional quality of your bakery products. It is also easy to justify the “protein source” claim by using this natural ingredient in your bakery product (table 1).

Content of breads Control bread Bread with Mineval™
Protein (%) 7.4 14.8
Carbohydrates (%) 64.2 61.2
Fat (%) 7.2 7.2
Energy (prot)/Total energy (%) 8 16

Table 1. Protein level can be increased with Valio Mineval™ in bread making

Less butter, same flavour, and less baking loss when baking croissants

Valio Mineval™ powder gives you an opportunity to produce croissants with reduced butter. The sensory properties are similar to control croissants, and the products stay fresher for longer. Moreover, using Valio Mineval™ will also result in a higher yield and less baking loss during production.

Functional benefits of Valio Mineval™ 

  • Improves heat stability and prevents protein coagulation
  • Replaces additives
  • Improves texture and structure
  • Extends product shelf-life through increased homogenisation pressure
  • Prevents whey syneresis
  • Positive taste profile compared to sodium caseinate and other additives
  • Reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction
  • Offers clean label solutions
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