High-protein products and applications

Seize the business opportunity and develop high-protein products with excellent texture and taste.

The health benefits of high-protein food and drinks are starting to appeal to mainstream consumers. People are looking for products that are a natural and convenient source of high-quality protein and can be enjoyed as a healthy snack.

Milk protein contains all of the nine amino acids essential for the body and is therefore a “complete” protein. The high-protein content of Valio Eila® milk powders makes them perfect for products requiring an increased level of high-quality protein or sport nutrition products.

Application areas: Dairy, Ice cream, Bakery, Confectionery, Nutritional supplements.


Protein hits the sweet spot of many consumer trends and offer potential with expanding consumer base, new usage occasions and permissible indulgent. Snacking and preference for “better-for-you” choices are growing and offer significant business growth in many food and beverage categories.


Production of high-protein products with excellent texture and taste can be very challenging because of an undesirable off-taste and graininess of texture.


We have developed recipes with Valio Eila® PRO milk powders that provide reformulation of products quickly. Our solution can easily be incorporated for example into your current dairy production processes and does not compromise the sensory properties of the products. We can help you in designing recipes, so that you can manufacture high-protein products efficiently and accurately with the optimal composition of ingredients.

Unlock the business potential of the protein trend

In our new white paper, you will learn why:

  • Protein hits the sweet spot of many better-for-you trends
  • Consumers increasingly turn to healthy high-protein snacks
  • Milk products are a great nutritional source of protein
  • Valio is uniquely qualified to assist you in creating high-protein dairy products
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