Take your coffee pods and capsules to the next level

A lactose free solution for milk coffee pods and capsules providing perfect froth with a creamy taste.

During the recent years, the capsule market has grown steadily. The capsule market has also diversified a lot and there is a wide variety of different capsules to choose from, which means that consumers’ taste preferences can be better met. Because milk is an essential part of coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, the quality of the milk can affect the taste and overall experience of the drink. Valio Eila® PRO instant milk powder is designed for coffee pods and capsules, ensuring premium coffee experience. It is also lactose free.

Quality of the coffee drink is one of the most important criteria for our customers

Quality means everything from the ingredients to the benefits such as the mouthfeel of coffee, great flavour, aftertaste, and beautiful froth on top of the coffee. Milk plays a very important role in balancing these factors in coffee. For Valio the quality also means consistency. This means that our customers can always get the same high quality.

Experience the perfect coffee froth

Our customers are using Valio Eila® PRO instant milk powder in coffee capsules due to its very creamy and milky taste as well as its capability to form a pleasant, texturised froth that finalise the espresso-based drinks. We have been doing lots of research and have found the right combination of milk fat and protein for creating pleasant, long-lasting foam. The proper foam formation ensures not only the right taste and feel in the mouth but also the proper mixing with the coffee required to create the unique taste of the drink.

Enhanced solubility

The solubility of the powder is also very critical for the good coffee. If the powder does not dissolve very well, it gets stuck in the bottom of the capsule and, as a result, the drink contains too little milk. Valio Eila® Pro instant includes a natural emulsifier that helps with the solubility of the powder.

Creamy lactose free hot chocolate

Some of our customers use Valio Eila® PRO instant for kids’ products. For example, hot chocolate capsules. Kids love the milky taste of hot chocolate and our Valio Eila® PRO instant milk powder gives that perfect creamy, milky taste. And a lactose free option can be seen as an added value, a premiumisation.

Valio Eila® PRO instant ensures that your lactose free options taste as great as regular milk. It also provides nutrition and froths well.

Valio Eila® specialty powders offer excellent functionality

  • The instant form of the powder ensures a smooth and consistent taste every time a coffee drink is made.
  • The powder is high in protein, which results in a richer, creamier foam and a more pleasant texture and flavour of the coffee drink.

Adding value to your product range

  • Valio Eila® PRO instant powder has a clean, pleasant, and slightly sweet, typical milky flavour to ensure the best possible coffee enjoyment.
  • The powder is free from lactose and other unnecessary additives or preservatives for consumers looking for healthy and natural choices.
  • Lactose avoiders appreciate equal access to all products, also to milk-based coffee drinks — without compromising the taste.
  • Coffee capsules are designed to be easy to use, and by using the right milk powder, you can ensure that your customers get a consistent and excellent result every time when using the capsule machine.

Do you want to offer a higher quality, premium coffee experience for your customers?

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