Traceable and pure industrial food ingredients from fresh Finnish milk and whey


The secret behind Valio’s high-quality food ingredients is fresh Finnish milk, pure and clean. The fresh taste starts with the raw material—milk—from our own dairy farmers. The clean Arctic environment, combined with strict quality control, means that Finnish milk is statistically shown to be among the cleanest in the EU.

The use of genetically modified GMO* feed is not permitted in Valio. Milk is also antibiotics residue free. Our commitment to quality carries through our entire quality chain, and we conform to international standards in all our operations.


*ref Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003

Ingredients for the food manufacturing industry

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Whether your objective is to provide high protein, low carbohydrate food, reduce sugar or sodium levels, be Kosher or Halal certified, or meet the latest food trends of gut-friendly food, we have the ingredients, solutions, and expertise to help you achieve your business goals.

Take advantage of our Nobel-prize-winning expertise with over 300 patents and give your brand and products more potential and leverage. You can extend your portfolio and launch additional value-added food products that genuinely meet consumers' needs.

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