Solutions & ingredients for the food Industry

Valio has decades of experience in serving the needs of the food industry and creating value to the partners around the world.

Ingredients Solutions

Valio ingredients from pure Finnish milk

Food Ingredients

The high quality of Valio’s ingredients is based on fresh Finnish milk from our own family farmers. All our milk is GMO-free.

Whey powders

Milk powders

Lactose free milk powders



Fruit preparations

Solutions for the food industry

Valio has a selection of tailor made solutions for the global food manufacturing industry.

Valio Eila® Lactose Free

Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders open up new opportunities for the food industry.

Baby Food

From basic base powders to ready infant formulas.

Food ingredients

Fully traceable, safe and fresh, GMO-free ingredients including tailor-made powders.

Special nutrition

A wide range of products for high quality special nutrition.

Valio Eila® lactose free for licensing

Since 2003, Valio has made its award-winning lactose free milk production technology available to its dairy partners. The licensing agreement gives licensees access to the patented production technology, analytical methods and complete current expertise.

Your trusted partner

We are easy to do business with. We are committed to delivering a service every bit as good as our products are delicious.

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The best ingredients

The best guarantee of product quality and safety is the traceability of the ingredients that go into making Valio products. First comes the pure, high-quality milk, whose origin can be traced back to an individual dairy farm.

Valio R&D is always at the forefront

Since the establishment of the first Valio Laboratory in 1916 the company had a strong scientific vision of staying at the cutting edge of technology development in dairy production.

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Certifications and Standards

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Lactose free milk powders

Export Manager

Niina Gerritsen

Milk powders, whey powders

Export Director

Merja Koski-Korhonen


Export Manager

Piia-Riina Ihander


Export Manager

Milla Janhonen

Fruit preparations

Export Manager

Minna Kivelä

Baby Food

Export Manager

Sari Vahla