Adult nutrition

Cater the needs of active and ageing adults with innovative solutions.

Valio has a wide range of products for high quality special nutrition: senior, sport, weight management, maternity. Find blends of your choice, e.g. using filtration techniques for improved protein composition. People at different points in their life benefit from Valio’s high quality ingredients in different ways as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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Nutrition for seniors

Dairy ingredients especially developed for healthy ageing

Healthy ageing has an increasing market potential

The world’s population is ageing, and the percentage of people aged over 60 years is increasing on every continent. The elderly population is already a big consumer group, and it keeps expanding in both number and purchasing power. The demand from older adults for healthier products and for functional foods provides dairies with huge market potential that is growing worldwide.

Nutritional needs change with age, and so the diets of elderly people should also change to ensure well-being and mobility in the later years of life. Dairy ingredients have many features that meet the dietary needs of seniors. For example, extra attention should be paid to the adequate consumption of protein, as it helps maintain muscle mass and bone health. Protein-rich dairy ingredients can be used in nutritious and delicious food products that have an increased protein content.

Phospholipids play an important role in healthy ageing

Another advantage of using dairy ingredients is the phospholipids that are naturally present in milk fat. Studies show that phospholipid supplementation has an impact on restoring and maintaining cognitive functions, such as memory, concentration, understanding, and problem solving, thus playing an important role in cognitive ageing.

The manufacture of lactose free protein rich and nutritious dairy-based foods for older people offers new business and growth opportunities to dairies. Valio’s patented solutions and technology deliver ingredients that are superior in taste and provide digestive comfort for lactose sensitive stomachs. We enable dairies to expand their customer base, into this large and growing sector.

Dairy ingredients especially developed for senior nutrition:

  • Valio Eila® NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder is specifically designed to address the nutritional needs of older people. The powder has a high milk protein concentration and contains phospholipids, vitamins and minerals that support healthy ageing by maintaining normal muscle and cognitive functions. It has several applications, such as drink powders and special nutrition drinks, and also dairy, nutritious food, and dietary products.

Develop food products for healthy ageing

Nutritional needs change with age. Extra attention should be paid to adequate intake of protein, as it helps maintain muscle mass and bone health. With Valio’s high protein nutritional ingredients and recipe expertise, you can develop delicious food products with nutrients that support healthy ageing.

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  • Webinar: Healthy ageing food solutions

    This webinar explains how to maintain a healthy life span as well as what our R&D, together with our nutrition expertise, can help you to come up with innovative solutions.

Podcast: Cater to the dietary needs of ageing adults with phospholipids and MFGM

Older adults want to age healthily and enjoy good food. Phospholipids play an important role in cognitive ageing. Valio’s Nutrition Research Manager Anu Turpeinen talks about how food manufacturers can use phospholipids to create desirable products for the rapidly ageing population.

Finnish dairy innovation helps food manufacturers to cater to the needs of ageing adults
Consider these five facts when developing nutritional products for the ageing

Ingredients for sports nutrition

Milk and whey protein ingredients for the sports nutrition industry

Dairy products are an excellent source of high-quality protein as they contain all nine amino acids essential for the human body. Our digestive system absorbs milk protein particularly well, which means that the body can utilize it very effectively.

Valio was one of the world’s first companies to demineralise whey. More than 40 years of experience in demineralisation combined with today’s modern technology guarantee ideal ingredients for the sports industry applications.

The focus on health and wellness is in many ways a very clear trend in the modern world. A fit and active lifestyle is a status symbol and people are willing to invest money in good-quality nutrition. Dairy products contain many nutritional benefits like high-quality protein and plenty of minerals and vitamins for active and healthy lifestyles. However, at the same time, consumers are increasingly knowledgeable about food additives and are demanding free-from and sustainably produced choices for their consumption.

Valio’s milk and whey protein ingredients are the perfect choice for quality-aware and environmentally conscious consumers. All our ingredients are fully traceable to their origin, free of antibiotic residues and subject to strict quality controls. We use only GMO-free feed for cows and our products do not contain or are produced from GMOs (EC Regulation 1829/2003 and 1830/2003). We aim at carbon neutral dairy by 2035.

Valio’s ingredients are the perfect choice for sports nutrition products and nutritional supplements. Our R&D experts help many dairies and food manufacturers around the world with their recipes and processes. They establish the correct dosages and processes to produce sports nutrition products with optimal nutritional values.

Valio’s ingredients for sports nutrition:

  • Valio Eila® PRO lactose free milk powders have an unchanged milk mineral composition, with significantly higher protein levels and a lower carbohydrate level than standard milk powder. These milk powders enable the reduction of carbohydrates in your application. The product range includes three fat varieties: skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk powder (SMP, semi-SMP and WMP).
  • Valio DEMI™ de-mineralised whey powders are manufactured from fresh whey from our own local cheese plants. With an adjustable mineral content and high nutritional value and protein content, they are a cost-effective and tasty alternative to skimmed milk solids in numerous applications. The combination of pure milk and state-of-the-art technologies ensures that these ingredients are of excellent quality.
  • Valio Eila® SWEET milk powder enables sugar reduction or enhanced sweetness without increasing the total carbohydrate level. The product range includes two fat varieties: skimmed and whole milk (SMP and WMP).
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