Complete infant formula powders and Ready-to-feed liquids packaged for consumer use

The ready-to-feed infant formula is liquid and ready to feed as such. It does not require hot water or mixing, making it convenient choice for consumers who can easily carry the product, package it and prepare it when needed. We in Valio can help infant food manufacturers design the recipes and processes to produce optimal compositions for ready-to-feed (RTF) baby food solutions.

Widen your baby food product range with convenient ready-to-feed (RTF) solutions

Valio’s liquid infant formula is easy to use and has a fresh and clean taste with no off-flavours. It has a white colour and milky appearance. The ready-to-feed liquid infant formula does not require hot water or mixing, making it convenient for consumers who can easily carry it and prepare it. The pre-mixed formula also ensures correct dosage every time.

Ready-to-feed baby food solutions:

  • Contract manufacturer: We deliver complete ready-to-feed products for consumer use as a contract manufacturer.
  • Produce your own: We can help you produce your own ready-to-feed product with base powder ranging from Valio’s own high-quality recipes to fully customized solutions.
  • Invest in technology: We provide ready-to-feed technology knowhow with base powder or infant milk formula ingredient sales

What makes Valio ready-to-feed (RTF) liquid infant formula such a good choice?

Convenience Ready-to-use Guaranteed safety and quality
- Easy to handle at home or away
- No hot water or mixing required
- Reuseable and re-sealable package
- Can be stored and served at room temperature
- Fresh taste with no off-flavours
- High-class ingredients and water only
- Closely controlled production
- Pre-mixed correct dosages

Benefits of liquid infant formula in easy-to-use package:

  • Unopened packages can be stored at room temperature.
  • Pre-mixed formula ensures correct dosage every time.
  • Easy while traveling, does not require hot water or mixing before use.
  • Opened packages can be re-sealed.
  • Once opened, package can be stored in the fridge for up to two days

Produce your own ready-to-feed infant formula

Use Valio’s high-quality and pure base powders and formulae to produce your own liquid infant formula. Our experienced staff can help you with formula design, dosage and processes as well as with regulations and standards.

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