Infant quality ingredient supplier for infant milk formula production

Manufacture safe and nutritious infant milk formula (IMF) products with the help of Valio’s fresh Finnish milk-based ingredients that support the healthy development of infants.

Non-GMO* Valio milk and whey powders for baby formula manufacturers

(*Regulation EC No 1829/2003 and EC No 1830/2003)

We deliver quality through the entire value chain, offering full traceability and complete records right from our own dairy farms to the end-product. You can manufacture safe and nutritious baby formula with our ingredients that meet highest quality requirements as well as nutritional recommendations.

  • Valio Demi™ demineralized whey powders for powder and ready-to-feed (RTF) formulas
  • Valio milk powders and butter milk, also organic
  • Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders

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