Nutrition for healthy aging

Dairy solutions specifically developed to support healthy aging

The increasing market potential of healthy aging

The world’s population is aging, where the percentage of individuals over 60 years is increasing on every continent. The elderly population already comprises a large consumer group and is steadily expanding in both number and purchasing power. The demand from older adults for healthier products and functional foods provides substantial market potential.

Nutritional needs change with age, and the diets of aging adults should adjust to ensure their well-being and mobility in the golden years of their life. Dairy ingredients contain many features that meet the dietary needs of seniors. Special attention should be given to the adequate consumption of protein, as it helps to maintain muscle mass and bone health. Protein-rich dairy ingredients can be used in food products that are both nutritious and delicious with increased protein content.

Create business with Valio’s offering for the healthy aging market

Older adults want to stay active and energetic, maintain their brain functions and enjoy the taste of food. In fact, their quality of life may depend on it. As a result, aging adults are willing to invest in food products that support their health.

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Business case: Maeil Dairies

Maeil Dairies launched powdered milk product to address South Korea’s growing senior market. Developed to assist aging adults comfortably consume calcium and vitamin D, the powder contains Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk powder to promote bone health.

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Dairy based solutions specially developed for aging nutrition

The manufacture of nutritious dairy-based foods that are lactose free and protein-rich for older adults offer new business and growth opportunities. Valio’s patented solutions and technology deliver ingredients that are superior in taste and provide digestive comfort.

Five things to consider when developing nutritional products for aging adults

At Valio, we have discovered that there are five important points you should take into consideration when developing nutritional products for the elderly.

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Phospholipids play an important role in healthy aging

One advantage of using dairy ingredients is the phospholipids that are naturally present in milk fat. Studies show that phospholipid supplementation positively impacts the restoration and maintenance of cognitive functions, such as memory, concentration, understanding, and problem solving, thus playing an important role in cognitive aging. Listen to our podcast about dietary needs of ageing adults.

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What makes milk-based ingredients a premium choice for healthy aging?

Anu Turpeinen explains why milk is the key ingredient for commercial success in the rapidly growing market of older adults seeking healthy food.

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Nutrition has a crucial role in bone health for the elderly
Phospholipids in milk may play an important part in cognitive health for aging people
Protein helps maintain muscle mass when aging

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