Infant Nutrition

OEM infant nutrition solutions, base powders, and infant grade ingredients made from pure Finnish milk and fresh whey in our own modern facilities.

The unique nutritional requirements of babies and the highest possible quality standards make the infant nutrition business a challenging one.

With the help of Valio infant nutrition solutions, you can expand your product portfolio without having to invest in new production lines or product development. You get all the ingredients and expertise you need to develop your infant nutrition business from one reliable partner.

Our modern processing technologies enable us to manufacture high-quality and traceable infant nutrition products. The whey comes from our own cheese factories, and all milk is subject to strict quality control. Sustainability and safety are incorporated into all operations at Valio, from dairy farms and suppliers to logistics and production plants.

With a strong legacy of infant nutrition R&D, our experienced professionals can help you with infant formula recipes and processes. You also have access to our researchers’ latest insights into the effects of MFGM and OPO.

Good to remember: Breast milk is the best food for babies

Breastmilk is the best choice for baby. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months; continued breastfeeding after introduction of complementary food (up to two years); and consultation of a healthcare professional when introducing infant formula or complementary food.

Valio commitment to safety and high-quality

The use of genetically modified GM feed is not permitted at Valio dairy farms. Our products are not produced from genetically modified organisms or do not contain GMOs*.

The raw milk is always tested for antibiotics residue and the level of usage of antibiotics is very low in Finland.

*ref Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003

Complete infant formulas

Wide range of packaged consumer products available.

Complete infant formula powders

Valio offers an optimal full IMF process based on wet process, dry blending, and premium packing.

Wet process: The composition of the formula is 70-80% of Valio’s own high quality and fully traceable key macro ingredients. In the wet process, mandatory nutrition ingredients and optional nutrition ingredients are blended.

Dry blending: A wide range of value-added micro ingredients can be added to tailor the product for a certain market. A tailored composition may allow a variety of marketing claims related to the value-added ingredients.

Premium packing:

  • premium tin with spoon-overcap or snap-on lid
  • pouches
  • bag-in-box

With decades of expertise in infant nutrition, we can support you in product development and market entry.

  • Recipe design management to meet the nutritional and regulatory requirements
  • Trial runs and shelf-life tests
  • Registration support and clinical study management (if required)
  • Stages 1-3: Infant formula, follow-on formula, and growing up formula
  • Additional portfolio range possibilities in further stages, mama products and ready-to-feed UHT liquid formulas
  • Opportunity to add product qualities such as organic, lactose free, and hydrolysed whey

Ready-to-feed infant formula

Ready-to-feed (RTF) is liquid and ready to drink as such. It does not require hot water or mixing, which makes it a convenient choice for consumers who can easily carry the product, package it, and prepare it when needed. Valio experts can help infant food manufacturers design the recipes and processes to produce optimal compositions for ready-to-feed (RTF) baby food solutions.

How to harness the effects of MFGM and OPO
Anu Turpeinen, PhD
New solutions for the Baby Food industry
Sari Vahla
Whitepaper: Dietary phospholipids in all stages of life

Base powders for infant nutrition

From basic blends to complete formulas.

Valio offers base powders from basic blends to almost completed formulas. You can choose between fully customised solutions and Valio’s own high-quality recipes. We supply both tailored formulas and standard recipes according to EU and CODEX regulations.

High-quality ingredients and recipe knowhow make Valio a reliable partner for adding capacity where needed, resulting in less need for investments at your own facility. We can tailor the solution to your specific needs so that you can make nutritious, high-quality infant nutrition products, while optimising your manufacturing process.

All Valio base powders are manufactured in our new state-of-the-art IMF production plant that has the highest standards of hygiene. The wet blend process and spray drying started in 2014, and the dry blend process and tin packing line was added in 2020.

The whey is brought in from our own cheese factories, so that we can be sure it is pure and fresh. All our milk is fully traceable to origin and subject to our strict quality controls.

Valio base powders are an ideal solution for milk-based infant formulas and a wide range of other baby foods, such as milk-based cereals.

Valio base powders for infant nutrition:

  • packaged in 20 kg modified atmosphere
  • also available in big bags with modified atmosphere
  • standard specifications for stages 1-3
  • tailored base powders for infant, toddler, and mama products
  • tailored base powders for special nutrition products, such as lactose free
How to harness the effects of MFGM and OPO
Anu Turpeinen, PhD
New solutions for the Baby Food industry
Sari Vahla
Valio commits to the highest quality ingredients

Infant grade ingredients

Milk and whey based ingredients for infant formula production.

Valio offers IMF grade milk powders, also buttermilk, organic and lactose free.

We deliver quality through the entire value chain, offering full traceability and complete records right from our own dairy farms to the end-product. You can manufacture safe and nutritious infant formula with our ingredients that meet highest quality requirements as well as nutritional recommendations.

Valio dairy ingredients for infant milk formula manufacturing:

How to harness the effects of MFGM and OPO
Anu Turpeinen, PhD
Valio commits to the highest quality ingredients
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