Future-proofing chocolate

How can you benefit from AI and disruptive thinking in marketing better-for-you solutions – Case Valio Bettersweet™

With the confectionary industry facing challenges posed by the health and wellbeing megatrend, we’ll look at what we discovered with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and market understanding in chocolate category. We will discuss how to communicate about better-for-you solutions in a way that truly resonates with consumers. We’ll take a closer look at the Valio Bettersweet™ solution and how you can meet the consumer demand of indulgence and healthiness.

Two episodes:

  1. AI and product development – Case social chocolate and Valio Bettersweet™
  2. How to get consumers excited about better-for-you solutions – Disruptive marketing in the confectionery category, case Valio Bettersweet™
AI and product development ~30 min
  1. AI BENEFITS AND PROCESS: With the hype around artificial intelligence (AI) running rampant the question often arises: what does AI actually look like, what benefits does it offer and how can we utilize what it produces to develop our products and services?
  2. CASE SOCIAL CHOCOLATE: We will showcase to you how AI is used to understand natural discussion around chocolate.
  3. DISCUSSION: How can we utilize this information to identify business opportunities and pitfalls in chocolate category, case Valio Bettersweet™ solution.
How to get consumers excited about better-for-you solutions ~30 min
  1. INTRO: Health-conscious consumers demand a combination of indulgence and healthiness from confectionery and chocolate products. Food industry is facing pressure from governments alike.
  2. PROBLEM: Consumers love their treats, but have the better-for-you solutions managed to satisfy them?
  3. INSIGHT: Case Valio Bettersweet™: How to reach consumers and communicate about better-for-you solutions in a way that resonates and engages.
  4. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and DISCUSSION: How to future-proof your product with the help of Valio’s innovative solution

Featured speakers:

  • Olga Halme - Customer Development Manager, Valio

    Olga Halme

    Customer Development Manager

  • Aate Autio - Head of Product Design, Aiwo

    Aate Autio

    Head of Product Design

  • Laura Vesterholm - Head of Consumer Insight, Valio, Valio

    Laura Vesterholm

    Head of Consumer Insight, Valio

  • Laura Paikkari - Creative Director, TBWA\Helsinki

    Laura Paikkari

    Creative Director

  • Tuula Hietanen - International Marketing Manager, Valio

    Tuula Hietanen

    International Marketing Manager

  • Mikko Santonen - Creative Strategist, TBWA\Helsinki

    Mikko Santonen

    Creative Strategist

Valio Bettersweet™ for better products

Valio Bettersweet™ is a service solution that enables natural sugar reduction in any milk chocolate product. Without touching chocolate’s taste or texture. Not. One. Single. Bit.

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