Special nutrition solution

A wide range of products for high quality special nutrition: sport, senior, weight management, maternity, pet foods. Blends of your choice, e.g. using filtration techniques for improved protein composition.

We need protein at every stage of life

People at different points in their life benefit from protein in different ways when they eat foodstuffs that contain protein as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. You should pay attention to your protein intake for example if you are on a diet, for example, or if want to control your weight, work out actively or are ageing.

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Whey protein

Milk contains two kinds of proteins: whey and casein. The amino acids in whey protein are absorbed to the bloodstream quickly and therefore effectively available for muscles.

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Valio technology first to address increasing interest in whey protein

Consumers with an interest in exercise and weight control are looking to add protein to their diets. Valio’s unique patented technology caters to their needs with Valio PROfeel® protein drinks.

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