Cornerstones of quality and safety

When you buy Valio ingredients, you can be sure to get high quality dairy ingredients that are pure, safe, free of antibiotics residue, non-GMO and in addition to that the use of genetically modified feed is not permitted in Valio.*

The quality chain starts at the dairy farm. All our dairy farms use a quality manual which determines good production practices at the farms. The cows are healthy, and feed on non-GMO feed that is free of soy. The raw milk is tested for antibiotics residue.

The composition and microbiological quality of our milk are continuously analysed, and any deviations quickly corrected. In 2015, 99.98% of our raw milk was of the EU1 first class.

Food manufacturers need to be able to prove any product’s country of origin and full provenance. The production chain for Valio’s each product item can be traced back to an individual farm. We only source from approved suppliers that conform to our quality requirements.

The unbroken cold chain expresses Valio's commitment to quality and safety. As part of organizing product distribution, we optimise routes for our delivery lorries to customers in inspected food grade containers or lorries. Our drivers and collectors are committed to the unbroken cold chain.

  1. *ref Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003

Certificates and standards

International and national standards, guidelines and certifications are an important part of transparent and responsible industrial food manufacturing. Valio products and operations conform and comply to a large variety of international and country-specific standards and legislations, and we continuously follow the development in this field. In addition, we have our own Valio Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure that our suppliers comply and operate with the same principles as we do. Thus, we ensure that our products are safe and ethically manufactured throughout the entire production chain.

Sustainability management

A cooperative approach and Valio’s shared values, mission and vision are the cornerstones of our operations. Valio’s Code of Conduct and other policies guide our operations.

We want to be a frontrunner in promoting wellbeing and sustainable lifestyles, in advancing the target of a carbon-neutral milk chain and in safeguarding the vitality of nature. Our owners are Finnish dairy farms and we always pay out our profits to the farms.

Values based management

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct covers the common rules for Valio people: what good business conduct means in practical terms, how we treat each other, and what are our operations like in line with laws and Valio’s values. The Code of Conduct describes our ways of working.

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Transparent sourcing guarantees traceability

In line with our sourcing policy, we use only approved suppliers. We can always trace raw materials to the production plant or the farm that produces the raw material.

Transparent sourcing

Farmer owned by devoted family farms

Company is owned by devoted family farms Valio is owned by dairy farms through cooperatives. The farmers share a collective pride in the welfare of the cows and the high quality of the milk.

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No GMO in Valio milk

EU regulations control GMO use in food products and animal feed. According to said regulations, Valio does not use ingredients that include or consist of GMO parts (Regulation EC No 1829/2003) in its food products that are made in Finland.

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Antibiotics are only used when necessary

In Finland, the cows are among the healthiest in the world. We never use antibiotics as a preventive measure. This way, we help to prevent the creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains.

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