Sustainability promise

Together we make life better

We offer solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, society and the environment. This also means that we are aware of our environmental and climate impacts, and take active measures to reduce them. To succeed in this, we have identified five key focus areas for our stakeholders and business operations. They are:

  1. Farmer owned co-operative
  2. Animal welfare
  3. Sustainable milk production
  4. Transparent procurement
  5. Innovations

To us, sustainability is the concrete actions from the dairy farm to the dinner table: from nutrition innovations that improve health to the way we produce milk, everything is executed in accordance with our goal-oriented sustainability program.

Towards carbon neutral dairy 2035

We intend to cut milk’s carbon footprint in Finland to zero by 2035, which means the same amount of emissions is reduced and removed from the atmosphere as is generated at the farms, in transportation, at the plants and in package manufacturing.

Three routes to the goal are:

  1. We increase the amount of carbon dioxide bound into grass fields
  2. We use manure to produce biogas, which is a substitute for fossil fuels
  3. We reduce emissions from organic soil

Sustainability report 2019

Read the whole report and get a deeper understanding of our work on sustainability.

Read report
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