OEM lactose free milk powder

Developing new dairy products from scratch can be time-consuming and investing in new production facilities can be costly. The choice of your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner can make all the difference. With the right OEM partner, you can shorten your go-to-market process and avoid heavy investments.

Capitalise on the digestive wellness trend with lactose free products

  • There is increased consumer knowledge about the benefits of lactose free milk powder.
  • Benefit from a different competitive edge in the milk powder category.
  • Move away from price competition and add value instead with lactose free milk powders.

Valio offers consumer-packaged lactose free milk powders

  • Valio is the world’s leading expert in lactose free dairy, and by collaborating with us you can benefit the advanced technology we have developed for lactose free milk powder production.
  • Our streamlined processes and R&D expertise mean that your products will reach consumers faster.
  • Leave the milk powder production to us, and you can benefit from economies of scale and optimised processes without compromising on food safety or quality.

Different packaging options

We can provide different packaging options, see below.

  1. Tin can 800 g with spoon-over caps or snap-on lids
  2. Tin can 400 g
  3. Bag-in-box 350–500 g
  4. Pouch 350–900 g

Ensuring Food Safety and Quality

At Valio, we prioritise the safety and quality of our products. Through meticulous production processes and strict quality control systems, we ensure that our customers receive safe and high-quality food products. Our food safety and quality control systems are verified by a third party.

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Why choose Valio for you OEM partner?

  • Premium Products
  • Certificated Food Safety and Quality Control
  • Flexible Packages
  • Reliable Delivers
  • Dedicated Valio team

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