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As Farm to Fork Strategy impacts the indulgence sector, Valio’s dairy-based solution helps reduce sugar without artificial sweeteners

Tightening regulations around sugar and the increasing consumer demand for better-for-you choices have a major impact on the indulgence category. As a result, confectionery manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce sugar while maintaining the naturality of their products. With Valio’s solution, sugar reduction is achieved with dairy ingredients without any artificial sweeteners.

EU regulations concerning unhealthy foods are expected to increase and tighten in the coming years. The EU’s European Green Deal plan includes a Farm to Fork Strategy that impacts the production of food. Its aim is to make food systems fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

“The Farm to Fork Strategy is expected to have many effects on the sales and consumption of unhealthy foods. The planned initiatives would urge product reformulation and restrict the promotion and marketing of food products that are high in sugar, salt, and/or fat,” says Sinikka Saikkonen, Business Development Manager at Valio.

The planned measures deeply impact the market of indulgence foods, as they often contain high amounts of sugar, salt, and fat. Those confectionery manufacturers who can find ways to develop products with better nutritional value, will gain a competitive edge in the changing operational environment.

Consumers crave for better-for-you indulgence products

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the health effects of food. They read labels carefully and often go for the better-for-you choice whenever one is available. Consumer demand for better-for-you products extends to the indulgence category, as well.

“People are looking for green light for indulgence. They want to trade their regular indulgent foods for products that have less of the bad things and more of the good things. The key to successful better-for-you products is to replace a part of the ingredients healthier, sustainably sourced, and more natural alternatives,” explains Saikkonen.

Permissible indulgence with one solution – meet Valio at World Confectionery Conference

“Consumers want guilt free indulgence. Yet, they are not willing to sacrifice on the taste or texture of chocolate and confectionery. Valio has the solutions and milk-based ingredients to help develop desirable and delicious confectionery for health-aware consumers. Food manufacturers can make chocolate and confectionery with reduced sugar, high protein, and digestive wellness,” says Timo Pajari, Senior Vice President, Valio Food Solutions Sales and Marketing.

“Claims on limited sugar or no added sugar are preferred by consumers, and the prevalence of sugar claims is likely to grow as manufacturers aim to reassure consumers and differentiate themselves. Using artificial sweeteners is no longer an option, as consumers want their chocolate and confectionery to be as clean label as possible. Naturality is something that consumers are looking for in their indulgence products. Valio’s specialty milk powders help confectionery manufacturers to develop new better-for-you products for consumer who expect more than just normal,” Pajari continues.

Valio experts are introducing the solution at the virtual World Confectionery Conference 2021 on 1st June. Find out more and sign up on Valio sugar reduction pages.

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