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Meet the megatrend demands of healthy ageing and sugar reduction – Come and see how Valio’s pioneering dairy ingredients and solutions can improve business

Experience Valio at Food Ingredients Europe from 3 to 5 December at stand #6F90 Wellness is an ongoing megatrend in food. Consumers in all age groups are looking for better-for-you food products that support their personal dietary needs and choices. Senior citizens want to age healthily, and chocolate lovers want to eat their chocolate with a better conscience. Valio has the value-adding ingredients and expertise to help food manufacturers meet these needs, whether they are looking to reduce sugar or add cognitive benefits in their food products.

Develop desirable food products for healthy ageing – phospholipids in dairy fat show promise for brain health

 “Some of the major concerns among the ageing population are losing mobility and memory, and as a result, their independence. Thus, ageing adults are willing to invest in innovations that help them maintain their physical activity and cognitive functions”, says Minja Miettinen, Senior Research Manager at Valio.

Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder fulfils the key nutritional needs of the elderly. It contains phospholipids that have been associated with improved memory and cognition in several scientific studies.

”In ageing adults, numerous clinical trials have shown phospholipid supplementation to restore and maintain cognitive functions, such as memory, learning, concentration, reasoning, language skills and problem solving,” Miettinen says.

Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder gives a full taste and texture, helping Valio’s customers to formulate their products to the taste of older adults. It works in several applications, such as milk powders, special nutrition drinks, dairy drinks, nutritious food and dietary products.

30% sugar reduction in chocolate with natural ingredients – no artificial sweeteners required

Sugar is increasingly overtaking fat and salt as a primary consumer concern. Consumers are constantly looking for ways to reduce their sugar intake, also with products like chocolate.

“In their search for healthier options, consumers are not willing to compromise on taste or texture. They also want their products to be clean label, meaning that artificial sweeteners are not a desired option for sugar reduction in chocolate. With Valio’s innovative ingredients, you can reduce sugar naturally without E codes,” says Valio’s Sales Manager Niina Gerritsen.

Valio has developed a solution for naturally reducing sugar while giving chocolate that great taste and texture. The amount of total sugar in the chocolate can be reduced by replacing regular milk powder with Valio Eila® PRO skimmed milk powder.

“Protein gives ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate a natural rich taste and smooth, creamy texture, so there will be no sacrifices to important product properties,” continues Niina Gerritsen. 

“Valio has also developed a calculation model to help chocolate manufacturers estimate the cost effects, profit, and end product price when turning regular chocolate into ’30% less sugar’ chocolate.” – Niina Gerritsen, Sales Manager, Valio

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