Clean label ingredients for industrial and traditional bakeries

With Valio's high quality ingredients combined with our process and recipe expertise, you can manufacture clean label bakery products that have a great taste, superior texture and appealing appearance. In short: you can produce the bakery products your health-conscious consumers are looking for!

Natural, authentic ingredients and fewer E numbers

Our bakery production knowhow and ingredients help improve the taste, texture and volume of your clean label pastries, breads, cakes, as well as other bakery products.

Our innovations make it possible to:

  1. Replace emulsifiers, thickening agents and hydrocolloids with all-natural alternatives
  2. Achieve natural labeling and an ingredient list that’s free from E numbers
  3. Create stable texture with a soft mouthfeel
  4. Produce rich, succulent and excellent taste
  5. Prolong the shelf life of your products
  6. Improve the brown baked color of industrially baked goods
  7. and much more

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Best ingredients for industrial baking

Natural and high-quality ingredients for clean label bakery products:

  1. Valio Mineval™ milk powders
  2. Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders

Business opportunities for bakeries

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