Expand your bakery’s market potential with gut-friendly and lactose free products

With the help of Valio’s expert solutions, you can produce gut-friendly and easy-to-digest lactose free products that can significantly expand the market of your baked goods.

Expand your client and consumer base with easy-to-digest, lactose free baked goods

Majority of the adult population lose their ability to digest lactose or milk sugar and may start to avoid baked goods that cause them stomach discomfort. Valio’s solutions open a significant opportunity to offer lactose free bakery that enable lactose avoiders to enjoy their favorite baked goods without compromising on digestive wellness, taste or nutrition.

Gut-friendly features of the Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders:

  1. high mineral concentration of calcium improves digestion by contributing to the normal function of digestive enzymes
  2. ideal source of natural nutrients
  3. less than 0.1% of lactose

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