Natural ingredients for gluten-free bakery

Overcome the challenges of gluten-free bakery with Valio's high quality milk-based ingredient that help produce delicious, nutritious and natural baked goods that are free from gluten.

Go gluten-free without compromising on taste, texture, or nutrition

Gluten-free bakery often suffers from poor taste, appearance and texture as well as low nutritional value. Our high quality, natural ingredients and proven bakery industry solutions enable gut-friendly, gluten-free bakery products that look, taste and feel delicious, while having good nutritional values.

Improved and natural taste

  • Only natural milk components
  • No E numbers and artificial additives

Enhanced texture and prolonged shelf life

  • Good water binding properties
  • Retain soft and moist texture

Improved nutritional values

  • Increased protein level
  • Reduced carbohydrate level

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High quality ingredients for gluten-free bakery industry:

  1. Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders
  2. Valio Mineval™ functional milk powders

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