For over 100 years, Valio’s cheese makers have devoted themselves to making the finest cheese. They select only the best natural ingredients, like pure fresh milk, to craft each block of cheese. Today you can recognize them by their skill at ageing cheese to the exactly right texture, flavour and aroma, and by their ability to reproduce the same high quality in every block or loaf of Valio cheese. Each cheese is evaluated during ripening by touch, taste and scent.

The maturation process is the key to developing the taste of the final product, along with salt brining, and the fat content of the pure Finnish milk as the core. In addition to mild cheese brands like Valio Edam, we have wonderful cheeses with more flavour, for example Valio Emmental that is matured for longer.

All Valio cheeses are characterized by advanced product development and skilled craftsmanship. The basis of the genuine taste of Valio cheese is the pure and fresh Finnish milk, statistically shown to be among the cleanest in the EU. The use of genetically modified (GMO) feed is not permitted in Valio*.

We only use the farm-fresh milk to create masterpieces of taste and texture. We serve high-quality cheese to customers who recognize and appreciate quality. That is why Valio cheese is always a pure pleasure. Valio cheeses are suitable for cutting, slicing and grating, and also as a raw material in manufacturing processed cheese. There are no preservatives and hard cheeses are naturally lactose free.

*ref Reg. (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003

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